Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I am in deep thinking mode these days..so much so that its getting too much now. I need to sort it all out and re-learn to focus.

Time to choose

A note from a friend put me into thinking...

"No wonder it is getting too much. Earlier, when there was a baby, the whole family (nana, nani, dada, dadi, chacha, chachi) chipped in to raise the baby. Now, not only that there is no family now to speak off, the lone mother also has a career to maintain.

Sometimes I wonder if our generation has spread itself too thin. There are too many things to juggle with. A career. A set of relations. A new life. It is too much. If anyone tries to do justice to all these, it is not possible. Things are bound to go wrong.

And when things do go wrong we blame anything and everything but our own unjustified lofty goal to do everything at once.

We see the rebellious teenager. Not the fact that the growing child never got the attention that we got as a child.
We see the bitchy wife. Not the fact that we never had the tenderness in relation that makes a girl a wife.
We see the insensitive husband. Not the fact that the husband never got the love that would have made him care.

It is nobody's fault. The only way out is to drop a few balls and do justice to the ones that you choose to keep. Now which ball you let go is your choice. Career. Parents. Friends. Spouse. Kids. Which one would you let go?

The choice has to be made. If you think you can delay the choice you are just fooling yourself. Time would make a choice if you dont. And if time makes the choice it might not be the ones you would have made.

So, choose, we must."