Monday, April 21, 2008


I feel i lost a big battle...a battle i had been fighting for years, a battle i did not want to win but hoped to find  truce somewhere on the way.

Guess that "most important" factor of trust is still missing - dont know how many lifetimes it would take to reach that level. So many times I feel it's not fair. It's not fair how relationships develop. It's not fair how people judge each other. It's not fair how so many explanations are needed at every point in life. Why can't we just take things as they come and not judge each and everything happening around. Why can't we just be happy for being born as humans.Why can't we just be plain and simple contented with whatever we have. Why can't we accept each other the way we are. Why do we always want more than we get. Why so many "whys" come to our mind????
It's easy to question the world about all this..While writing i realised even i am unable to do any of this. I don't even know if i even try.
Sometimes it all seems much much more complex than i think. I feel i am nothing. everything else in the world makes more sense than me. What am I missing? WHAT?