Thursday, October 15, 2015


How is it that we see someone from a distance and like them and want to talk to them (not like a strong desire but just a positive feel which one gets looking at someone) And then there are some we do not even want to look at let alone talk - and this has nothing to do with looks or outer appearance. There is that unseen aura, like some unseen rays reflected from each one of us that gives some feeling even before we actually talk to that person.

Some places carry a similar feeling - much like people. Some places - no matter what the purpose is - just give you shrills. And some places are just happy places to be. There is a little cafe nearby which gives me happy feel everytime i even think about it. Its a tiny cafe, with books all around, a nice cozy corner for kids to play, a big table for kids to do art and craft with their parents, a small part selling little stuff one can buy for gifts. And the best part is its called "Zoen" And Zoen in dutch means "Kiss". I wish I could go there more often. (Mental note : MUST GO THIS WEEK)

On the contrary there are places which increase my anxiety levels many-folds already from a day before i am supposed to go there. It's part for the purpose why people go there and part just the atmosphere. And I think part for my own reason of going there.
It's a brand new building - colorful with plenty of open spaces, and lots of space for privacy, Books in every room, even silent corners with recliners and push back easy chairs, a cafe and restaurant. Yet it gives me chills. As soon as I enter there, I get strange negative thoughts. (oh I am not a very positive person as such- that perhaps only makes it worse) The vibes of that place freak me out. All the time I am there i feel restless. Sometimes i have to ask me why am i feeling that way and remind myself to calm down. 

It's strange how our mind works. 
It's strange how opinions affect behavior. 
It's strange how all the energy in this world affects us in more ways than we realize. 
It's strange how our connection with people and place is made even before making an effort. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Life goes on

Life goes on - No matter what! No matter how!!

We attach everything so much to our life that a little distance and we feel we are falling apart and cannot survive. The feeling is beyond words. But we get through it - We Do. Alive! Everyone does!

How often do we smile as if nothing is wrong, we talk as if everything is perfect, act like your life a dream come true and pretend that nothing is hurting! Today's social media unconsciously pushes us into that zone. The pretentious living!

We smile at the camera while the heart is exploding with pain.
We keep trying to sound so intelligent while we ourselves don't know what we are talking about.
Our words don't mean anything to us yet we use impress the world, to please the unknown.

Fake or real
Happy or sad
Smiling or whining

life goes on...