Monday, June 30, 2014

Power of a drop

She was the life
She was the heartbeat
She kept it going
She kept it alive
Life looked at her
And smiled
Each touch was divine
Each glimpse was heavenly
She was the binding thread
A thread so tough
Yet a thread so silky
The caring hands
And the loving looks
It all made life worth it

Until one day
Just a drop of water changed life
She slipped and fell on her rear
Never to get up again

The thread slipped away
Lives got shattered. 
Smiles died away
Love became a cherished memory

Their mom was no more! 
Day 1 : Drabble Week
Prompt : When she fell on her rear

Friday, June 27, 2014

Drabble Week - A New Challenge

Drabble Week it so going be... from June 30 till July 6 and as always i have taken up the challenge.

I take up challenges and fail....but i still keep taking up new ones with the hope of finishing one someday. Positive thinking at its best - isn't it?

So I have decided to go for 100-words posts. ( 55 seems too less to me once i start writing :) ) I am just not skilled enough to wrap up a story in 55 words. Let me see what i do in 100.

Here is the list of prompts for 100-words!

For the 100-word posts:
Day 1- She fell flat on her rear
Day 2- The pumpkin exploded
Day 3- If I were an animal
Day 4- Never send a man to do a woman's job
Day 5- Talking vessels
Day 6- Suddenly, it moved...
Day 7- Candy floss memories

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