Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Friendships ?

Too many questions in mind. Too many worries. Too much to think.

The trigger - a small conversation!

How do you respond to a friend's situation when he/she(now on will use "she" only) tries to discuss her worry with you. How do you reply?
How do you sympathize?
How do you put across your point by just giving an alternative view about it but not actually meaning to sound being against her.
How do you show that you do understand what she means but want her to give it another thought.
How do you put across your thoughts when sometimes you do not approve of how she reacted to a situation.
Do you tell her this or keep that opinion with you because you do not want to hurt your friend.

But then that's not friendship if you cannot express what you feel. If you are not honest in your opinion.

What is expected when friends discuss their personal problems?

Is it just a "yes yes you are right and I am with you" ?
Is it telling her the way she reacted was the right way even if you don't believe it yourself?

My view - If you are not ready to listen to any alternative view from a friend - you better don't discuss your problems with her. Period.

How much so i feel lonely and miss having conversations with friends - These are few reasons why I dread friendships now. The expectations! The analysis before saying anything!

Why do adults make it all so complicated!