Friday, July 30, 2010

7-days to positivity - DAY 7

Finally I am on the last day of this experiment. I could not post everyday but then the positive side is that I felt that positivity for more days than just those 7 days :) Even though i did not post everyday, I still spent time reflecting on days' activities and the uplifters there-in. Isn't that the whole idea. It's great!

I think I would continue writing down 5 uplifters and happy incidents every now and then.

So how has this final day been -

  1. That half hour extra that I slept this morning was absolutely great. Though i reached work half hour later yet it didn't matter much.
  2. I am glad that just before leaving home I put on that cardigan. It was windy and cold outside.
  3. Late to rise and early to ..that was one luxury :) Went to put my daughter to bed and i think i slept before she did.
  4. I love that "kruidenboter-stokbrood" (Bread with butter and herbs - kind of garlic bread). Had one -  freshly baked at home. What a pleasure!
  5. Chatted with a friend after a very long time. She pinged and brought smiles. Thanks.

Isn't this life all about such small moments? These are the real ingredients which make life worth living.

Enjoy, have fun and smile!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

7-days to positivity - DAY 6

I am doing it on alternate day basis but i am still happy that I can find out 5 things to feel great and thankful about everytime i try it.

So this list is for things from yesterday.

  1. That fruit lunch yesterday was sooo nice. Me and a friend went out, brought a selection of different fruit, made a fruit salad. I had it  with that lemon juice and ahe had it with some powedered sugar and yoghurt.
  2. It was a great feeling to wear that top again after like 6 more than months. It fits me again. YIPPEEEE.
  3. I felt unwell yesterday but becasue of that my husband came to pick me up from work and i went backhome early. It was so great to take that nap on the couch while he cooked dinner :)
  4. It was awesome when my daughter came back home from creche and saw me there. She got so super exccited and screamed out of joy. No need to say how elated and fortunate i felt.
  5. I totally enjoyed watching that movie lying in bed with my little daughter lying next to me. Oh what pleasure it was!
What a booster!!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nail Art - II

I am still continuing with my love for nail art and painted it again this weekend.
After the design last week, I tried a new one this week.

I so love this art. Want to get some nice thin brushes to design more detailed patters.

Here is the new one..

7-days to positivity - DAY 5

I missed out one more day in between. Just was a bit busy day and then did not feel like logging on to my laptop by the end of the days. Preferred sleep over it :) Isn't that better? The idea is to feel good and keep up the positivity - whether i pen it down everyday or not.

Ok here goes my list including some uplifters from yesterday

  1. Got to sleep in yesterday morning owing to headache... but yet  extra sleep is always gooooooooood.
  2. Watched a movie in a thatre after almost 4 years. That was the HIGHLIGHT. The charm of it would take a days to fade away :)
  3. Spoke with a very dear friend after a long time. Heard some bad news yet it was so nice to talk to her after months.
  4. Got on the scales and saw some movement in the dircetion i would want it to keep moving :). I almost jumped with pleasure. 
  5. Went to pick up my daughter from creche yesterday evening. Usually my hubby does that. I hardly go there ever because of my long travel to work. The pleasure and surprise on her face was beyond words. I will treasure that moment forever.
It feels great to write few things which make you feel great. If not today, they would surely help you later in life whenever you cpoem back and read them.


Sunday, July 25, 2010

7-Days to positivity - Day 4

A litte bit late posting for day 4 but so what.....what matters  is that i feel happy about something and feel better :)

Here goes today's dosage.

  1. Got up early to finish some household work so I can have a relaxed day later on. Yes it felt great.
  2. Finished some long pending cleaning's the most wonderful feeling of the day. I have been quite stressed about all the pending work ..there is still lots left yet as long as its moving ..i am more than glad.
  3. Did finger painting with my little girl. Can't tell how great it felt. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
  4. Watched a movie, painted nails in new design :) Loving it. This is third design in 3 weeks. I plan to change every week. I absolutely love it.

  5. Had dal-rice with mango pickle for dinner tonight. Its a bliss. Nothing compares to that.
  6. What a lovely day!!

Friday, July 23, 2010

7-days to positivity - DAY 3

Today is one of theose days when you go through extremes of moods. At some point you feel happiest of
all and then in couple of hours you feel competely opposite.

Today is one such day. The day started with me feeling very low but then got so happy and then again bit low. Thats the cycle of life.  The key is to keep holding on to that moment of happiness and admire it at the time when things don't go the way we think is right.

My positive moments of the day are :
  1. That 10 min nap in the metro this morning. It gave me more relief than the whole night sleep  :)

  2. Listening to that absolutely awesome music which my darling friend gave to me as a gift.

  3. I felt so so so lucky and fortunate to have a really great friend here.

  4. I am so happy it's friday today. i am looking forward to so many things - being with my little girl, watching some movie, sleeping and just being home

  5. I am so glad that i can sew and also have one sewing machine. I like sewing. And i loved it how I made short kurtis/tops out of long indian suits i had which i were not wearing anymore :) I converted one long shirt to top last night too. 
I definetely feel better after going through this process of remembering all things which give true happiness.

What about your day?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

7-days to positivity - DAY 2

Oh its GREAT! Life is great. you are great. I am great. Day is great. Place is great. I am happy :) and smiing. Isn't that infectious. Are you smiling as yet?
Ok that was like a spoonful of  positivity syrup. Doesn't it make us feel good. A spoon full gives such relief to our sore soul. We  stop coughing. We are able to get that sleep we have been missing.

This dosage of  positivity syrup helps us realise its all much smoother than we thought.
Here is my spoonful of positivity for the day. And I am feeling absolutely awesome :)

  1. A very dear friend of mine asked me for my opinion about a very important decision of his life. I felt great and thankful for being so important in someone's life and that my views actually mattered so much.
  2. I could actually motivate a friend and make her feel great about something she and her partner are going to buy soon. She was not at all excited about it and tought it was a wastage unless we focussed on the bright side of it and allthe benifits. They surely did surpass the negatives :) And she is all looking forward to it now.
    I felt great that I could add to positivity in her life.
  3. I was sooo happy when inspite of running so late in the morning and leaving home too late to catch the metro - i managed to run fast enough and catch it :)
  4. I am happy that i can actually finish more than 2 jugs full of water in a day. I have been drinking too less..sometimes just one glass whole day.
  5. I so enjoyed that fruit flavored water this morning. Isn't it awesome how many types of "water" we get these days:) Though the traditional plain simple cool water wins over hands-down.
Ok that  was generous serving of  the syrup for the day.

Smile and Think positive!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7-days to positivity

Preeti mentioned this wonderful way of adding some positivity in life. We always focus on all negative things happening around. Mind always takes us to whatever is not right. First thoughts about anything out of normal routine bring all negatives possible. We look up and see clouds only and totally miss that ray of light and that sun shining somewhere behind. And when it shines brightly, we look up and see the scorching heat rays only and pay no attention to the life flourishing around with that heat and shine.

So to remind myself of all that we usually miss out and be thankful for tiny smiles, i am taking up this 7-day challenge. For 7 days now i am going to smile and feel good about everything that goes unnoticed but can actually be uplifting. Afterall what matters in the end is the happiness we felt and smiles we shared in this journey called life.

Here goes my list for today -

  1. I am happy to get that email from my sis early morning as my open my inbox.
  2. Enjoyed lovely sushi for lunch with 2 friends. 
  3. Was happy to have left that extra pair of sandals at work yesterday. I could wear them today after my feet got sore in high heels :)
  4. I felt grateful for feeling full with having only half the quantity of food I usually eat. ( Someone trying to loose weight can understand that pleasure)
  5. I am thankful for that extra time in the morning because of which i could alter my new pair of triusers and wear them today :) ( How cool is that) feeling all charged up

GO..think again and be happy :)
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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nail Art

Sometime ago during NaBloPoMo i came across a post from Neha about her nail art hobby. And it immediately brought back memories from my college and early work days. I was totally in love with this art and would design a new pattern every week. I loved it. It brought back such beautiful memories. I remembered how i have also won the best nail design contest at that time :)

So after reading hers, i felt the urge to do it again. And yes, i gave it a try during my vacation last week. I have started it with absolutely simple design. I changed it to new design this time - again a simple one. But am happy with it. I look at my nails so many times and feel happy about it. (Small things like this matter so much in life and make your day with smiles non-stop - that's my renewed realisation) How taking out few minutes can bring about so much satisfaction in life !!

So here is my attempt from this week. I don't have the picture of first attempt from last week... :|

I know this is a simple design but I like it and I like the fact that so many people noticed it and also appreciated it ( Atleast i am believing those beautiful words of praise were genuine)

I will come back with new design next week. Till then have fun !!
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Friday, July 16, 2010

Vacation is over...

A friend asked - "How is it going after the vacation?"

I had quick and short reply -

"Loads of work for extremely sleepy me.A breath-taking (meaning literally) messy house. Piles of washing and tons of ironing(all in to-be-done category till noone knows when)"

I have set priorities .... It starts with

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