Sunday, July 25, 2010

7-Days to positivity - Day 4

A litte bit late posting for day 4 but so what.....what matters  is that i feel happy about something and feel better :)

Here goes today's dosage.

  1. Got up early to finish some household work so I can have a relaxed day later on. Yes it felt great.
  2. Finished some long pending cleaning's the most wonderful feeling of the day. I have been quite stressed about all the pending work ..there is still lots left yet as long as its moving ..i am more than glad.
  3. Did finger painting with my little girl. Can't tell how great it felt. Enjoyed it thoroughly.
  4. Watched a movie, painted nails in new design :) Loving it. This is third design in 3 weeks. I plan to change every week. I absolutely love it.

  5. Had dal-rice with mango pickle for dinner tonight. Its a bliss. Nothing compares to that.
  6. What a lovely day!!

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