Wednesday, July 21, 2010

7-days to positivity

Preeti mentioned this wonderful way of adding some positivity in life. We always focus on all negative things happening around. Mind always takes us to whatever is not right. First thoughts about anything out of normal routine bring all negatives possible. We look up and see clouds only and totally miss that ray of light and that sun shining somewhere behind. And when it shines brightly, we look up and see the scorching heat rays only and pay no attention to the life flourishing around with that heat and shine.

So to remind myself of all that we usually miss out and be thankful for tiny smiles, i am taking up this 7-day challenge. For 7 days now i am going to smile and feel good about everything that goes unnoticed but can actually be uplifting. Afterall what matters in the end is the happiness we felt and smiles we shared in this journey called life.

Here goes my list for today -

  1. I am happy to get that email from my sis early morning as my open my inbox.
  2. Enjoyed lovely sushi for lunch with 2 friends. 
  3. Was happy to have left that extra pair of sandals at work yesterday. I could wear them today after my feet got sore in high heels :)
  4. I felt grateful for feeling full with having only half the quantity of food I usually eat. ( Someone trying to loose weight can understand that pleasure)
  5. I am thankful for that extra time in the morning because of which i could alter my new pair of triusers and wear them today :) ( How cool is that) feeling all charged up

GO..think again and be happy :)
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  1. Hey--really nice list!
    Did make me smile..
    Esp the mail from your sis and the sandals after the heels (I do that too!)

    This thing on focussing on small things--i must say it seems like its working :P But I guess we will know for sure at the end of seven days.:P

    Lets keep this going! Thanks for joining me

  2. @Preeti : Thanks Preeti. It's indeed working great to pen-down these.
    Smiles n' positivity!

  3. I love sushi too !!
    Great list ! Lets keep this up for the next six days:)

  4. @Ruchira : Thanks! Going by your japan love, i totally believe you love sushi :)
    And Yes - Let's keep going and adding positivity to our lives!


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