Friday, July 23, 2010

7-days to positivity - DAY 3

Today is one of theose days when you go through extremes of moods. At some point you feel happiest of
all and then in couple of hours you feel competely opposite.

Today is one such day. The day started with me feeling very low but then got so happy and then again bit low. Thats the cycle of life.  The key is to keep holding on to that moment of happiness and admire it at the time when things don't go the way we think is right.

My positive moments of the day are :
  1. That 10 min nap in the metro this morning. It gave me more relief than the whole night sleep  :)

  2. Listening to that absolutely awesome music which my darling friend gave to me as a gift.

  3. I felt so so so lucky and fortunate to have a really great friend here.

  4. I am so happy it's friday today. i am looking forward to so many things - being with my little girl, watching some movie, sleeping and just being home

  5. I am so glad that i can sew and also have one sewing machine. I like sewing. And i loved it how I made short kurtis/tops out of long indian suits i had which i were not wearing anymore :) I converted one long shirt to top last night too. 
I definetely feel better after going through this process of remembering all things which give true happiness.

What about your day?


  1. Desirelessness is the Highest Bliss.

  2. Hey..i too started the 7 days of positivity
    from today..

    :) :)


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