Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Letter to Someone I've drifted away from (Letter - 5)

My dear dear pal "R" from once upon a time...

I have to start this letter by saying "I miss you" Because that's the best thing that can summarize what I feel.

You were the first one I met when I started a new journey and we ended up spending 3 years together...sharing smiles and tears. We shared our life's best kept secrets.

We were different at so many levels yet the friendship grew stronger. Our views and thoughts didn't match yet we were there for each other. We have given endless lectures to each other about life. We have been each other's support pillar.

Then life moved on and we started walking in different directions...Sometimes we turned back and looked at each other...smiling and reminiscing in past gaiety. But we kept moving away ...and before we knew we had drifted far enough to see each other's smile or tear.

I think we both tried...but life had taken its course for good.

I have no regrets. We were best friends  and have countless happy memories for the rest of our lives. I have infinite memories from those college and hostel days ...

Thanks to social media we atleast have a tab on whats going on in each other's life. I guess that's enough to be thankful for now.

May you have a happy life with that beautiful son of yours. Someday do tell him about one of his so-called masis...His Aunt- Me!

With many happy memories
your friend

Monday, September 22, 2014

Letter to my best friend (Letter - 4)

Dear friend,

I must begin with thanking you for being there in my life. For bringing my faith back in friendship. For adding smiles to my otherwise mundane days. For Listening to my senseless blabber. For sharing secrets. For offering a shoulder to cry on.

I am forever indebted.

Thanks for the thoughtfulness always.

Thanks for being a friend far away yet so close.

This world becomes worth living because of gems like you.

You strengthen faith in humanity.

You strengthen belief in love.

A million thanks to you everyday...

Please be the same...keep smiling and be happy.
May your life be always rich with happy moments.

May you get the life you most deserve.

Much love,
Your friend...

Friday, September 19, 2014

Letter to Dreams (Letter -3)

Dreams are the reality
Dreams the the truth
Dreams are the facts

We live because of dreams...
without dreams we just survive.

My Dear Dreams,

How I have looked forward to meeting you and then making it a point to remember you when i wake up. You bring pleasure, you bring boundless happiness and sometimes you bring tears too. You are the only one with whom I cry my heart out, I run away to places I most desire to go, I meet people I miss every single moment, I live moments that give most pleasure.

What would my life be without you!

Every night I look forward to drifting in my fantasy world with you.
You give me hope. You give me faith.

You show me the balance of life....a day can be both full of smiles and tears.

I thank you for being part of my life. For visiting me so often and letting me be me and yet taking away with you all that was not necessary for me to take to my life on the other side of sleep.

O dreams O dear dreams...come visit and strengthen everyone's faith in future...bring hope and bring life.

May you grow and flourish to become reality...and new ones be born...

With Much faith

Friday, September 12, 2014

Letter to "don't know whom" (Letter - 2)

Letter to "don't know whom"

I don't know you. I don't even know if you exist. I just know that i want to talk to someone. Someone unknown, someone non-existent, someone who can listen and then vanish in thin air.

Relationship bumps, financial bumps, emotional bumps, health bumps...the ride has been very very bumpy so far. At times i have enjoyed it and other times it has left me angered and depressed.

Every time I have collected myself and bounced back to life. At times it has been hard and I almost gave up. Then by coincidence or luck or chance or support from universe I come across something which gets me back in spirits. Sometimes it has been a book, sometimes just few liners i read somewhere randomly, few times it has been some random conversation on radio or a movie I am watching. few times it has also been some friends calling/chatting and saying just the right things I needed to hear at that time.
I can only call this the power of universe.

I have read this many times now to start believing with all my heart -

If you really desire something put it out in universe with all honesty and the universe will make sure you get it.

It works - ALWAYS!!

And if you think it hasn't worked - think again about it. Most of the times when we ask for something(s) we have a hint of self-doubt there. We are not sure it can happen. But we still ask.

Believe! Believe from all yoru heart! Believe it can happen and then ask the universe.

And if you believe, you will not leave any stone unturned to make it happen. That's the power of universe. The universe will make sure you get surrounded by all positive forces to make it happen.

So today with my true heart and soul I feel happy. I feel content. I feel blessed.

Thanks universe!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Letter to my Grandma (Letter 1 - A Deceased person you wish you could talk to)

Dear Grandma (mata - as we all used to call her)

It's been 12 yrs since you left for the heavenly abode. (And i never realized its that long...i had to count to be sure it was 12 years) I think about you quite often. And I miss you.

I often think about our winter trips to your house. How I enjoyed going with you to Gurudwara every morning. And getting prasad there. How you would try to get us extra halwa because we loved it. Your trip to sabzi mandi on the way back....and your awesome bargaining and calculation skills. You never ever went to school or was never taught maths in any form yet I never saw you making a mistake of a single penny.
I also miss those small treats you will get us on the way back.

Later when you started living with us in Jammu - While growing up we used to accompany you to mandir every evening. And how you would treat us to golgappas on every round. Believe me those are my only happy memories of enjoying golgappas.
I also just realised how mandir or gurudwara didn't make any difference to your religious beliefs and faith. There was no question ever about why you would go to either place. Your faith in the supreme power was all that was important. That also reminds me of all the prayers you would chant every morning while taking bath and how you would thank each Day and God with a beautiful one liner of yours.

I know at times I have not been that nice and sweet a grand child with you. I picked fights with you, got upset, got angry and many a times perhaps insulted you too. I am really really sorry about all that. Though i know any amount of sorry won't be enough.

Inspite of love hate relationship we had - I am most thankful that I was there with you in your last days. Being able to take care of you - cleaning you, combing your hair, helping you eat. That was the least i could do. I thank God for giving me that opportunity. And I Thank God for your love and affection always...

Keep your hand of blessings on us always!

May you rest in peace always.
Much love and regards
Your granddaughter