Thursday, July 30, 2009

Strasbourg - France

We had taken last week off - just a short summer vacation kinds and we decided to go to Strasbourg in France. Actually it was recommended by a friend of mine. And....God - it was a beautiful city. Infact the whole drive of 5.30 hours(we took 7 hrs) was full of beauty.

It's a city on the border of France and Germany. It's in the Alsace Region in the northeast France. And it is one of the largest cities in the country. This city has many major European Union Institutions. ANd It also has one of the largest ports on River Rhine. The city center of Strasbourg is a World Heritage Site - the first oen to get that recognition. And honestly - it was every inch worth it :) Please go here for all the details on this wonderful city.
Now - Let me take you also on this journey with a series of pictures.

On the way to Strasbourg (Somewhere in Belgium)
Prisha during a break for lunch
Again the route

The beautiful fields
More of nature
And more...
One our first day morning - ready to explore the city. We went for walks in the Petite France Area every day and the walks lasted whole day :) Our only reason to come back to hotel was either Prisha falling asleep or it was late in the night (If we dont get back to hotel - how would we be able to come back to those beautiful surroundings again next day)
Night time Barrage Vauban
The "totally out of the world combo" Expresso + coffee ice cream + freshly baked(warm)coffee-caramel cake( iloved it so much that i had it almost every single day :)
River Ill
Prisha's favorite - the car in the merry go round :) She was taken here every day (Courtesy her dad)
The Cathederal
The famous Maison des tanneurs

Prisha ready for the day long walk on the river banks Musée d'Art moderne et contemporain is among the largest museums of its kind in France

Ps: The pictures are not of a very good quality as our actual camera broke down sometime ago and we had to do away with this small version. And also the enroute pics are from inside the car moving at around 130km/h.