Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Dear Paracetamol,

Who says small is weak! Who says small is not good!

Look at you dear paracetamol - you changed the perspective all together. You are the one who made it possible to say - Good things come in small packs.

How on earth did you gain so much popularity especially here in Netherlands? Complain about any physical problem and - plop - comes the reply - slick in few paracetamols. Isn't that great? I bet we would not have heard a name more times than "para.say.ta.mole". (for those who don't know how to pronounce it :) :) )

Age no bar, sex no bar, location no bar, and even the disease and problem no bar..."paracetamol" is like the magic word.

Someone has cramps - give paracetamol.

The child has some infection - give paracetamol.

You have stiff neck - take paracetamol.

You have a sprain in your foot - take paracetamol.

You have some allergy - take paracetamol.

You have a broken leg - ... think we can guess the answer :)

So come what may - DO NOT forget to swallow some paracetamols.

Now thats some market capturing you have done here dear Para.say.ta.mole. It's no less than a mantra followed and repeated deligently by the medical world here.

Para.say.ta.mole - we love you in all your forms..even that form created especially for kids :)

You give me courage to stand up and rule the world. Small is no longer weak.

Here is your power conveyed...

"Happiness in marriages are the paracetamol for treating every sick marriage"

Bravo..Kudos...Hail - Para-say-ta-mole!

Disclaimer: Views expressed here are totally my own and meant only for humour.