Thursday, June 30, 2011

10 Days of ME - Day 5 - Places

Another day...and I reach the day to think about Six places.. thats one difficult one for me..
Let me begin and give it a try

Srinagar (Kashmir, India) - Thats one palce I would love to go back. I have grown up there. Spent first 10 years of my life there. I have more memories of that place than any other till date.

Strasbourg (France) - We went for a vacation there and totally fell in love. Such a lovely place. We want to go back soon.

Delft (Netherlands) - That was the first city I styed in when I came here for the first time. That city has a charm of its own. Embracing the dutch heritage in architecture and nurturing the modern life by being a very student city. It has the famous Techical University of Delft.

Bangalore (India) : 3 years back we went there for the first time visiting family. Absolutely loved the city. A great mix of typical indian culture and the western influence.

Venice (Italy) : I don't think i need to explain why i love that. You need to visit it once to feel it yourself.

Paris (France) : Again, its the charm of the place. Its the beauty. Its the feel you can get obnly by being there.

Delhi (India) : Ok Its last in this list but that does not mean its the last preferred place. Its tops the list anyday. What do i say about apni diili...(in real sense i have not stayed there for long so i still miss the real real apni dilli kee feeling) For the rest, it means my family to me.

WOW...i absolutely loved doing this one. And now nostalgia is kicking in big time.



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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 Days of ME - Day 4 - Wants

It's Day 4. It's about Seven wants.
I had done two similar posts on the lisnes opf my wishlist...Read here and here

So here is my list in no partcular order...7 wants...

I want to have a library of my own

I want to have  an exhibition of paintings

I want to have a time machine in which I can travel back in time to live those happy moments once again  and be back.

I want to own a jet plane so i can fly and visit my family whenever i wish to.

I want to have a chip fitted inside me to do the household work. So i would just need to swithoff my normal self and switch on that robotic mode to start working.

I want to have mind reading power which i believe will solve lot of problems. (Or may be not. But i choose to believe it will solve.)

I want to go on an year long holiday so I can travel around the world with my daughter.


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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

10 Days of ME - Day 3 - Fears

Here I am on Day 3..Talking about fears. As i started writing this my mind wandered. What are fears? Is it some thing that scares us? is it some inner feeling that keeps us away from something? Is it something we dread? Is it something we would not want to happen coime what may?

I could not decide which one of these it is. Or so I thought. It is perhaps all of them. Fear - which each one has in some form of the other. Fear of loosing! Fear of gaining! Fear of leaving! Fear of meeting!

My mind struggled to let these out...
Here is my list... 8 fears...

My biggest fear is being alone. How muich ever i would say I want some alone time - the truth is I cannot be alone. I go crazy. Ic annot eat. i cannot do anything. Weel, thatd oes not mean i cannot stay alone at home for a while or anything like that. I mean alone forever, alone in life, alone and lonely!

I cannot bear the thought of loosing my loved ones. Its my biggest fear. I do not know how it is to cope with any such loss and i do not want to expereicne that ever.

I absolutely dread lizards. eww...even the thought is giving me shivers. So i leave this topic here as it is.

I am dead scared of snakes. I cannot even look at them.

Whenever I take a bus, train or any other public transport  - I always fear that I am in the  wrong one. I need to check outside and also inside  to be sure I am in the right one. So much so  that every single day I take a bus from station to my office and back. Its the only big red colored bus on that route. All other buses are from different companies/services hence diff colors. Yet when i take this, I always always - for a split second - doubt that I am in the wrong bus.I check on the screens inside bus or listen to driver for being sure.

At one point loosing my friends was something I thought I would not be able to take. Yet with passing time, friends came and went. Some close and deeply cherished ones stopped communicating. Having gone through that - I do not fear this anymore. People come and go, if they have the true connection with your heart, they willbe there - come what may. Others will blame it on distances, getting married, having kids, busy schedules, hectic lives etc etc etc.

I have this strange fear of loosing a day. I want to remain awake till as late as possible. i feel if i sleep the day will end. And it will end forever.

As a child I used to be aftraid of darkenss. Bt not anymore. Darkness triggers mind to think beyond what is obvious. Its triggers other senses too.


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Monday, June 27, 2011

10 Days of ME - Day 2 - Loves

So 10 day challenge and I already missed day 2 & 3. Not good at all. I would have declared it Big Failure but No, i wont do so as yet. I have decided to run bit fast, catch up on missing posts and keep going as far as I can.

So here is Day 2 - 9 loves of my life...

First and foremost - my little girl - my daughter - Prisha. If am given only a split second to think, i would say She is my only love in life.

My sister - she is my soul. If i had multiple personality disorder, she would be one personality i would have loved to be :)

I love colors - in all forms. I am not a black n white person at all.

I love listening to gazals and sufu music

I love  a specific pair of heels i have. I wish they stay forever.

I love beaches. Only i need to be under the umbrella. cannot sit in sun for long. love the water as far as you can see the most.

I absolutely love to lie down and watch TV till late in the night. Don't need any company for that.

I love my camera. Taking pictures has become a routine. (Not that my daughter really appreciates that anymore)

I love samosas. Any number, any day, anytime :) (Oh How much i miss those choti dunkaan ke samose)


10 Days of ME - Day 1

Friday, June 24, 2011

10 Days of ME - Day 1

Ok - So I think i can only keep this blog  alive when there are some challenges. For the same reason - as soon as I came across this 10-Day Challenge started by Preeti - i had to take it up.

So here I begin..

10 Secrets...(And here i go....opening up my secret diary)

  1. I am very very short tempered. I feel I am like that most of the times besides when I am  sleeping.(Ok its a secret for blogworld only - not for my family)
  2. I hate to be late for appointments unless the reasons for it are other people involved or something that can't be avoided. that deos not mean i am never late. I do get late too but i hate it. Weird?!?!?
  3. I think i am the only one in the world who does not have any music on her iphone and laptop. (I discovered that recently during a conversation where I shocked the listeners beyond limits..they are still regaining from this shock.  I was immediately redirectedto  the sites where i can download music from)
  4. And like Preeti - I hate oranges too. I cannot stand their smell. i hate it when people have oranges in  closed places like buses and trains where I cannot open windows or go out. I almost get nausea.
  5. I cannot drink hot coffee with sugar and I cannot drink cold coffee without sugar :) Now thats complicated - right?
  6. I cannot stand rains. i hate walking in rain even if its just drizzling. I hate that wet-humid feeling. I hate that grayness.
  7. I always want to be the last one to reply to an email. I mean in a chain of email going back and forth between me and someone else - i want to be the one sending the last reply. Till i get a reply i keep replying back ;) (But i keep waiting for the reply to my last one too - how complicated can one get!)
  8. I do not know driving and swimming- ok i know very little of both actually (Go on - you can bash me..i know these are life skills :()
  9. I cannot stand kids' crying. Yes - being a mom that can be a weird thing to can you avoid that when you have a kid of your own. But yes..its the truth..I cannot stand it. I go crazy when I hear kids' crying. My brain goes in some  war.
  10. I cannot take shower in cold water even if its very hot weather. The water needs to be little bit warm.
Believe me it was tough. Revealing your secrets is HARD!
Well..they are no longer any secrets.
Have fun..

And if you take up this challenge too, please drop a comment to let me know. I will love to know your secrets!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Another baby

Ok Ok....stop before you think too far...
It's about another love child :)

The baby here is another blog for my love - photography.

(Seems like photos and camera is the only topic I have these days - Thanks for bearing with me - You know I feel honored - right?)

Yes - so back to the new baby topic.

As Already announced (or taken on myself) - I am participating in 30 Day Challenge - June 2011. Taking a picture everyday for the month of June as per the topic.

And to  keep that seperate from this location (To save this one from turning into non-writing adda) I have a new baby - Life Behind Lens

Please pay a visit to my new baby and shower some blessings!

Thank you!!

PS: Do check out the flickr group for the awesome pictures people all over the world have taken. It's inspirational.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love - Post 30

Dear blogosphere we mark the completion of May Month NaBloPoMo - i am jumping into another one.
Wait further first..

As few of you must have read my happiness filled post - you can imagine what my love is these days.

So to add to my joy and to brush and polish my skills (I am assuming I have some :) ) I am taking up another month long challenge. Yes you heard it right....another challenge of posting everyday for the month of June. But Yes - you guessed it right - its not writing - its photos.

So I have accepted to be part of this

So starting today - I wll post one picture everyday on the theme as per the list :)

Come on tell me - who all are ready for this?