Friday, June 24, 2011

10 Days of ME - Day 1

Ok - So I think i can only keep this blog  alive when there are some challenges. For the same reason - as soon as I came across this 10-Day Challenge started by Preeti - i had to take it up.

So here I begin..

10 Secrets...(And here i go....opening up my secret diary)

  1. I am very very short tempered. I feel I am like that most of the times besides when I am  sleeping.(Ok its a secret for blogworld only - not for my family)
  2. I hate to be late for appointments unless the reasons for it are other people involved or something that can't be avoided. that deos not mean i am never late. I do get late too but i hate it. Weird?!?!?
  3. I think i am the only one in the world who does not have any music on her iphone and laptop. (I discovered that recently during a conversation where I shocked the listeners beyond limits..they are still regaining from this shock.  I was immediately redirectedto  the sites where i can download music from)
  4. And like Preeti - I hate oranges too. I cannot stand their smell. i hate it when people have oranges in  closed places like buses and trains where I cannot open windows or go out. I almost get nausea.
  5. I cannot drink hot coffee with sugar and I cannot drink cold coffee without sugar :) Now thats complicated - right?
  6. I cannot stand rains. i hate walking in rain even if its just drizzling. I hate that wet-humid feeling. I hate that grayness.
  7. I always want to be the last one to reply to an email. I mean in a chain of email going back and forth between me and someone else - i want to be the one sending the last reply. Till i get a reply i keep replying back ;) (But i keep waiting for the reply to my last one too - how complicated can one get!)
  8. I do not know driving and swimming- ok i know very little of both actually (Go on - you can bash me..i know these are life skills :()
  9. I cannot stand kids' crying. Yes - being a mom that can be a weird thing to can you avoid that when you have a kid of your own. But yes..its the truth..I cannot stand it. I go crazy when I hear kids' crying. My brain goes in some  war.
  10. I cannot take shower in cold water even if its very hot weather. The water needs to be little bit warm.
Believe me it was tough. Revealing your secrets is HARD!
Well..they are no longer any secrets.
Have fun..

And if you take up this challenge too, please drop a comment to let me know. I will love to know your secrets!


  1. Heh heh..Loved this!
    Don't know what is so fascinating about knowing other's secrets but it is! :)
    Thanks for doing

  2. and where is the second post? I started it today too

  3. @Monika : There I was posting Day 2. Its there now :)

  4. @Preeti : Thanks Preeti. Ya its double fun to know if something is tagged as secret :)


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