Thursday, June 30, 2011

10 Days of ME - Day 5 - Places

Another day...and I reach the day to think about Six places.. thats one difficult one for me..
Let me begin and give it a try

Srinagar (Kashmir, India) - Thats one palce I would love to go back. I have grown up there. Spent first 10 years of my life there. I have more memories of that place than any other till date.

Strasbourg (France) - We went for a vacation there and totally fell in love. Such a lovely place. We want to go back soon.

Delft (Netherlands) - That was the first city I styed in when I came here for the first time. That city has a charm of its own. Embracing the dutch heritage in architecture and nurturing the modern life by being a very student city. It has the famous Techical University of Delft.

Bangalore (India) : 3 years back we went there for the first time visiting family. Absolutely loved the city. A great mix of typical indian culture and the western influence.

Venice (Italy) : I don't think i need to explain why i love that. You need to visit it once to feel it yourself.

Paris (France) : Again, its the charm of the place. Its the beauty. Its the feel you can get obnly by being there.

Delhi (India) : Ok Its last in this list but that does not mean its the last preferred place. Its tops the list anyday. What do i say about apni diili...(in real sense i have not stayed there for long so i still miss the real real apni dilli kee feeling) For the rest, it means my family to me.

WOW...i absolutely loved doing this one. And now nostalgia is kicking in big time.



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  1. I so luved it that u picked Bengaluru among them :)

  2. @Swaram : Thanks. Yes, I loved Bengaluru. Would love to move and settle there someday :)

  3. u've been all over the place! And in other whines, why doesn't anyone tell me about these challenges, would love to take them up!


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