Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love - Post 30

Dear blogosphere we mark the completion of May Month NaBloPoMo - i am jumping into another one.
Wait further first..

As few of you must have read my happiness filled post - you can imagine what my love is these days.

So to add to my joy and to brush and polish my skills (I am assuming I have some :) ) I am taking up another month long challenge. Yes you heard it right....another challenge of posting everyday for the month of June. But Yes - you guessed it right - its not writing - its photos.

So I have accepted to be part of this

So starting today - I wll post one picture everyday on the theme as per the list :)

Come on tell me - who all are ready for this?


  1. Oh wowww thatz interesting :)

  2. I'll do it on the photo blog :) thanks i needed much reviving :)

  3. its interesting !!!
    i am up for it. starting tomorrow :)

  4. Best of luck :)


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