Thursday, August 8, 2013

August Marathon Blogging Day 7 : kyun

Shaam hai yeh suni see
Raat ka andhera bhi suna suna
Dil mein jhanka jab maine zara
Shor kyun tha itna bhara

Pal pal ko ruka dekha jab
Saans lagi thami thami
Band aankhon se mein bethi sochne
Zindagi kyun dikhe bhagti bhagti

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Marathon Blogging Day 5: Three things about myself, that I am proud of.

After a slightly sad self revelation in my last post i thought of focusing on the good. And what better topic than talking about things about me that I am proud of. I am taking this opportunity to pat myself on the back add to the feel good factors in life.

First thing that I am proud of myself is the creative side of my brain. I love digital art and all art things done with hand ... painting, crafting, digital designing etc etc. Its gives me inner pleasure and i get a sense of achievement even when i do some craft activity with my little daughter

Second thing I am proud of is my independent nature. Not that i live alone or can but i believe i am self sufficient to do anything i would want to do. 

Third - I believe in giving. I can go completely out of my way to give others something they really wish for. With time i have also learnt how not to expect but  rejoice in giving. 

So i guess i have revealed enough now. Self praise at its peak! 

Does this bother me? NO!! 

Monday, August 5, 2013

August Marathon Blogging Day 4 : Biggest regret of life

My Life has been quite a roller coaster ride ever since i remember. Everything - yes i mean every single thing - takes multiple times more than normal.

After schooling, i did my bachelors and started working. Everyone at home insisted i should study further but I tried to convince everyone that the better way would be to first work few years and then be sure what i would like to study. And obviously everyone had to give in...

I took up my first job...moved on to second and then third....all seemed to go so well.
I was working and growing well and also earning the next obvious step was to get married.

The urge to study died a slow death somewhere in between. And before i realized - I was married. Then came the task to settle down in new family new role. I had to resign from my job as my husband was out of India and i was to join him. But as luck would have it -there were visa issues and those took around 3.5 yrs to get resolved. I was out of job for a year after getting married with the assumption that soon i will have to leave the country. Again - my father kept telling me to use that time and do some further study. I don't know why but i didn't pursue anything. He even kept giving me ideas. But somehow nothing hit me in the head. And time kept flying away before i could give it any proper thought.

I cribbed, cried, complained non stop for all the things not going as expected. I felt miserable but i didn't pay any attention to other useful things in life and how i could have used that time to my benefit.The pressure of settling and adjusting in new household among new people and without the partner alongside was too much to deal with. I can come up with ample amount of reasons for that but its no use.

After being at home for one year - I started working again. And i was back in office-home-office routine. The study part was nowhere in plan by then.

And then I was in Netherlands. Settling down in new life. Life kept moving on...
I got the job and started working. Then came kid. Life's priorities changed. Career, education and hobbies were put on the back seat...

Life is moving fast...with ups and downs of the ride only i can feel. From far away it seems the most amazing experience and turns out to be one too...but with lots of moments where one has to hold his breath or moments where one feels this is the end of it all....or the moments where one feels being at the top of the world...or the moment where one just feels like throwing up and choak to death!

Its all been there.
And its still going on...

In all biggest regret will always be that i didn't study further. I feel it. I feel bad about it...every single day. I am not sure if it would have changed my life in anyway. I don't know how it would have impacted my journey of life. I don't know if it would have added to self  confidence. But I still regret.

I know its not the end of life and I can still go for it....but life's priorities always take precedence for some reason or the other.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

August Marathon Blogging Day 3 : mindless

A troubled mind
A restless heart
Thats what i feel
At this odd hour...

Sleep not near
And worries never far
Am one confused soul
Whose dreams are ajar

This was not my dream
And this was never thought
Am i A wreck of a partner
And a parent who is distraught

Mindless hour
And mindless thoughts
Take you far away
If wishes were horses
I would hold sway...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

August Marathon Blogging Day 2 - My Religion , My faith

Faith is the religion 
Or religion gives faith?
Am i confused
Or this is just not straight?

Praying is religion
Or is it just my faith?
Faith in the power
Or freedom of faith?

Religious freedom
Or in faith religion resides?
Is it to see the upper
Or to feel the underside?

Is religion an illusion
Or just a perplexed truth?
Is want of valour ...just a...
Want for religious faith?

Is Faith - the function
And Religion - the practice?
Or the continuous transcend
To find the inner self?

Thursday, August 1, 2013

August Marathon Blogging Day 1- 3 pet peeves

So i took up this monthly marathon blogging challenge with super enthusiasm and guess what.... I am struggling on the first day itself. 
Almost end of day and am somehow sneaking in few minutes to jot down few words. (And silently repeating to myself- I can do it, I can do it)

Its time my almost dormant blog gets some life. 

So here i start....

My 3 pet peeves

1. Loud noise: i get absolutely restless & irritated with loud sounds around. The top most being people who are standing next to me but speaking to me so loud as if i am on other side of the planet. I get annoyed with loud music, people talking loudly in public places, kids' toys having loud music but no volume control button. I even get annoyed with sounds of doors & fan etcetcetc. 
The only high pitch sound i can tolerate is my own ;) and that includes my screaming at people at home {ah suddenly i pity them for dealing with that...well lets move on}

2. Wet washbasin sides/edges : i get annoyed to my nerves when people leave the wash basin all wet all around after washing hands. I fail to understand how they do so. 

3. Chipped nail paint : Oh annoyance at its limit. Even worse when i see someone scratching it. That sound that look.... Eew ......Phew!!!!!!

And there i managed the first post just in time. 

See you tomorrow! 

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