Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Marathon Blogging Day 5: Three things about myself, that I am proud of.

After a slightly sad self revelation in my last post i thought of focusing on the good. And what better topic than talking about things about me that I am proud of. I am taking this opportunity to pat myself on the back add to the feel good factors in life.

First thing that I am proud of myself is the creative side of my brain. I love digital art and all art things done with hand ... painting, crafting, digital designing etc etc. Its gives me inner pleasure and i get a sense of achievement even when i do some craft activity with my little daughter

Second thing I am proud of is my independent nature. Not that i live alone or can but i believe i am self sufficient to do anything i would want to do. 

Third - I believe in giving. I can go completely out of my way to give others something they really wish for. With time i have also learnt how not to expect but  rejoice in giving. 

So i guess i have revealed enough now. Self praise at its peak! 

Does this bother me? NO!! 


  1. So good to know!
    To discover yourself and nurture your strengths is a journey in itself.
    What clarity one must have to understand oneself thoroughly and say 'this is who I am'!
    Love the post!

  2. That wasn't as much self praise as you thought it was. Admiring and accepting one's qualities go a long way. And qualities like these amplify when you talk about them. So double cheers to that :) You are a good person. The third quality was what I would want to borrow from you :P

  3. I can totally see you do know your positive side.
    I have seen some of your digital art... also cards and invitations you make. Very nice.
    And yes you are an independent lady, bold and beautiful.
    And yes you give, not only things but also lots of happiness and positivity.
    3 cheers to you :-)


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