Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And the change is visible :)

I was so glad when my friend told me i look and sound so much happier for few days now and asked me the reason for it. I smiled in my heart..and was more happy to know the changes i have been trying to bring about in my life are visible now. This is how i want to be. To feel happy, to look happy, to sound happy. I just wish this continues and am able to make people around me happy too. I wish to bring freshness to the life of my loved ones. I think If i keep working towards it, i would be able to reach there soon :) [Wow i like myself for sounding so positive :); pat on my back for this]

Monday, March 10, 2008

I am on it...

It sure is helping!! In my previous post, i gave myself some "to-dos". And I am glad I have been able to make a difference. I have tried to be less complaining, though (as old habits die hard) i did complain a few times. But i surely was able to think everytime i was doing something like that and i was able to stop myself from indulging in blame game. It gave me a sense of achievement whenever i was able to do so. I felt nicer everytime i was able to mould my words of anger into composed, soft ones.

So i had another realisation. If you put in sincere efforts in something you really want, nothing can stop you.

I am motivated enough to continue and am sure that I would also be able to make few beings jealous of it all:) (haha..sounds like revenge taking, Not that i mind it :))

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Forecast for the day!!

This was my horoscope for the day...I found it quite interesting :) Perhaps gives me motivation in disguise...

"You are a delicious combination of irresolvable paradoxes today. On one hand you are technically capable and are interested in exacting scientific solutions to a problem. On the other hand, your concentration may be temporarily shot, making it a challenge to stick with the facts. Instead of frustrating yourself by trying to balance logic with intuition or thoughts with feelings, just follow whichever feels right."

So the crux is i can follow whatever "I" feel :)

Friday, March 7, 2008

The complaining me !!

Just today i realised how much i complain all the time.
I complain about everything. I keep blaiming my luck (and for many of them HD too ) for everything that goes wrong or anything good that doesn't happen.

Everytime someone gets or does something good in life..i feel so jealous (well, with everyone i don't mean just anyone on this earth..i mean some people only) I start feeling how unlucky I am and how fortunate they are...why don't i ever get anything like this. But then a thought stuck me, do i even put efforts for getting those things? Whosoever has got something of whom  i get jealous has actually put in efforts to get them..they have shown interest, taken out the time to work on them and then only enjoyed the outcome. i just keep complaining for whetever i dont get. I rarely put in efforts.

when i have th opportunity to work, i don't do anything and when the opportunity goes away, i start complaining. Ahh...am  feeling so damn idiot and loser today. It's all my fault for whatever i havent achieved in life. Ah see...here i go again..this time blaiming myself.... i always find someone to put blame on. So i can prove myself to be the innocent one, the victimised one.

I gotto change. Change this way of thinking. Change the way i act. Change the way i work. Change the way i have lived so far.

I have to start workiing. To put in efforts. To take out time for things i like. To organise myself.
I need to nurture those basic management skills.

And first of all, STOP COMPLAINING !!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

5 quirky things about me :)

Hm..i just started blogging and here i am expected to expose myself...

Anyway...it sounds like fun and i have been thinking since yesterday to find out what to mention ;o)

So i begin...

First, the rules:
- Post the rules on your blog.
- Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
- Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
- Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.

  • I always look for time on my mobile phone even if i am wearing a watch or there are clocks all around me...i somehow trust only my mobile phone for that :)And i look at time everytime i wake up at night even if its just that i am turning side.

  • I hate hand-washing clothes infact anything to do with washing, drying, ironing. I keep ignoring all such work till there are piles of them in the wash bin or next to ironing table.

  • I refresh my mail box every 5 min for the fear of missing out on some imp information :)) (ahhaaa...as if i wud miss some billion dollar deal offers)

  • I am obssesed with pink..i have about 10 pink Tees and tops...5-6 pink night suits...And now thanfully i have a daughter whom i can dress in pink as much as i want to

  • I love hand bags/purses/wallets. I have more than 20 of them. I could have had many more if i hadn't forced myself from buying more

Hmm....so now my turn to tag someone..well..i haven't read many as yet so cant do much here.
I can tag Scott and Bibi and Purplexia

Monday, March 3, 2008

In search of an answer or answers

For sometime now i am thinking a lot about my career...
where am i heading to? Whats next? Do i like and enjoy what i am doing? What is the growth i look forward to? What do i actually want to do? Where do i stand? What have i achieved in last 2 years or rather 5?
These questions keep coming back to my mind and are bugging me a lot these days. So far i havent been able to find convincing answer to any of these. I feel kind of tired and done with what I am doing. I does'nt motivate me anymore. One  thing is for sure... I definately want some change now. i want something that would give happiness from within. Something that would be motivating enough to put in my best. Sometimes i feel i need to do some further study now. I don't like that fact that i didn't study enough...i dont even have a master's degree. I feel so low coz of this missing factor. I feel so embarassed when i have to mention my qualification somewhere. Just a bachelor degree...huh...shameful. I remember that day with utmost regret when my parents and brother were trying so hard to convince me to go for further studies but the adamant me only wanted to start working, to start earning as soon as i can. I had BIGGG plans of becoming an enterpreneur someday....Dunno where did all that spirit vanish...dunno when my  bigg plans got lost somewhere in the journey of life. I feel like a loser now. my career curve has been weird...i can't even follow it now.
The quest to find out the "right" thing is continuing...Let me see if i can reach somewhere soon. I want to sort it all out soon...very soon!