Tuesday, March 11, 2008

And the change is visible :)

I was so glad when my friend told me i look and sound so much happier for few days now and asked me the reason for it. I smiled in my heart..and was more happy to know the changes i have been trying to bring about in my life are visible now. This is how i want to be. To feel happy, to look happy, to sound happy. I just wish this continues and am able to make people around me happy too. I wish to bring freshness to the life of my loved ones. I think If i keep working towards it, i would be able to reach there soon :) [Wow i like myself for sounding so positive :); pat on my back for this]

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  1. Happy to know you're happy--and most importantly feeling in control of your life because of the changes you are bringing.
    Good luck!


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