Monday, March 10, 2008

I am on it...

It sure is helping!! In my previous post, i gave myself some "to-dos". And I am glad I have been able to make a difference. I have tried to be less complaining, though (as old habits die hard) i did complain a few times. But i surely was able to think everytime i was doing something like that and i was able to stop myself from indulging in blame game. It gave me a sense of achievement whenever i was able to do so. I felt nicer everytime i was able to mould my words of anger into composed, soft ones.

So i had another realisation. If you put in sincere efforts in something you really want, nothing can stop you.

I am motivated enough to continue and am sure that I would also be able to make few beings jealous of it all:) (haha..sounds like revenge taking, Not that i mind it :))

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