Wednesday, July 6, 2011

10 Days of ME - Day 6 - Foods

My 10 Days of Me Challenge has gone way beyond 10 days. Ok - who said it has to be in 10 consecutive days (self convincing) So here i am back again with another day.
And this time it is ...umm..let me see..ok so its is

Five Foods....(bas maar daalo itni choti selection se) - Selecting only 5 - Are you kidding me? I can go on writing forever and yet the list wont end. There goes the foodie.

Ok here i begin the hard task of selecting 5.

Rajma Chawal (Red Kidney beans and Rice) - Now this is on my mind today. Want it now now now. Thanks to the tweet mentioning it.

Spaghetti pescatore (Sea Food Spaghetti) - there is no other dish easier to make than this and its just brilliant. I am totally in love with it. Purely italian, recipe from an italian and we are hooked on to this like anything. I can have it any time any quantity :)

Falafel - Love this one with all the salad and sauces there. Don't miss out on those full chillies. Awesome vegetarian lunch.

Samosa - This is one thing i have loved from ever since I remember. But I totally detest those fancy version of real samosa with all that dry fruit, paneer etc etc etc added. I love my samosa from a small corner shop with only masala potatoes there in. And ofcourse with that awesome green chutney.

I am thinking thinking thinking about what to put as fifth...there are sooo many options coming to my thinking thinking

Chicken Tikka - Our very own desi chicken tikka. Love it anyway with some hot hot green chutney. BTW, I absolutely love biryanis too. (Secretely adding another one to fifth point)

OK so that was my list....and I am so hungry now. And All i have is a soup. Ok its Miso soup with chicken.


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