Sunday, July 20, 2008

Ups and Downs

I am still in recovery phase after the surgery. Infactthe cylce seems to be mving the other way round. I was feeeling quite fit anf fine for 2 days after surgery (yet was not allowed to do any house hold chores) But after 2 days, i started feeling the after effects of loosing that organ - constant indigestion, nausea, tiredness, pain, etc etc etc. Though I am eating only the simplest *satvik* food I can :) yet the stomach refuses to accept that.(Guess its the used to such simple food - it is demanding some dosage of chilli and spices) I did give it some servings of that too - once or twice. But nothing is helping. Sometimes i feel as If I am totally fine and other times i feel strange - some weird feeling in stomach is continuing.

But nevertheless, the pampering at home is going full time and I am enjoying it. As soon as I dont feel like doing something- i just have to mention in most pleasing accent and tone - oh i had a surgery just last week *wink*.

I am home for one more week now - hopefully I should be better by the end of it.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Almost back in action

I had been getting these severe pain attacks in my upper abdomen and back. Repeated attacks and subsequent mid-night visits to doctors revealed that I have stones in my gall bladder. Having ultra sounds, Meeting surgeon, getting blood tests done - everything happened in a blink. Wednesday afternoon the doctor tell me that I need to be operated the day after - ie; thursday. And before I would even prepare, it was all done.

Wednesday at around 16:30 i got to know that next morning I have to go for the surgery. I spoke to my hubby and we decided that I should go for itand not wait any longer. I quickly talked to my manager and emailed/informed others i considered need to know. Passed on details of my project to my colleague for taking over while i am away. Explained to each one who came surprised as to how can it happen so suddenly. By the time I could wrap up all this, it was around 5:45. I left for home. My friend was with me. It felt as If I had some freedom to eat/drink anything I feel like as who knows how many days after that I would not be able to have all those. SO I picked up my favorite coffee and muffin at starbucks. Reached home, the ever popular discussion - "what to have for dinner" went on for few hours. Finally we went out for some finger food instead. I had lots to do at home and was getting panicky with every passing minute. I had to pack up the bag for hospital, clean up the house so hubby doesnt have to do it for next few days, iron clothes esp those of my little one. By the time I could finish it all, it was past midnight and I decided to go for sleep. I had to wake up early morning to have some light breakfast eg; biscuits/tea. Morning also went by little busy with calls at home and last minute things at home. We dropped our lil one at day care. I was to be in hospital at 11. After couple of blood tests, question-answer rounds, I was escorted to my room. I was told that I am next in line after the surgery that was going on in operation theater at that moment - so that meant max 1.5 hrs to go. I laid down, talked to my hubby and started reading a book. And soon came the nurse to prepare me for the surgery. Injections, glucose, other thousand monitors, talks with surgeons and time to fall in deep sleep. It was late in the evening when I came back to senses(though quite little I must say - i could hardly remain awake) I slept through the night till late next morning. After a check up with doctor, I was declared fine enough to go home and recover there. So i was home by late afternoon - watching TV, reading books, enjoying pampering :) And it's still going onnnnnnnnn........ :)

Can anyone guess what was the first thing I did when I came back home :)
I stood on the scales to see if losing one organ has left me any lighter - **grin** But to my shock - it was much higher than I had left home the day before. I blamed it all on 20 bottles of glucose they injected in me. (it's a BIG relief if you can blame your weight gain on something or someone)

Ok- so am still recovering, relaxing, getting bored at times, reading and getting pampered!!

Saturday, July 12, 2008


I am home recovering from a surgery. Would write details soon. Thanks to all of u who have been waiting.