Thursday, October 9, 2008

I need. What do I need?

I saw this tag on couple of blogs and just felt interested in trying what I get...
So We are supposed to search in google for "[our name] needs" and see what the results are and write them here ... So Here i go.

Bharti needs it.
* Oh yes...i sure do need it. But what? Keep guessing!! :)

Bharti needs to be listed in South African market.
* Oh ya? Oops...

Bharti needs to generate predictable and sustainable positive free operating cash flows.
*Now that sounds like a jargon to me. Can anyone explain?

Bharti needs to do less of awareness marketing.

Bharti needs to take a look at her staff and these reviews if she is not to lose her reputation.
* Now that's a very important one. Noted.

Bharti needs more spectrum to ease pressure on growth.
* OOkayyyy...!!

Bharti needs to prove itself to maintain its leadership.
* Whewww!! What a doubt...I am no longer a human being...i am a thing (note "itself")

Fun..Isn't it? You sure get some insight. Now whosoever feels as insterested as I was giving it a try, please go ahead.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

History Repeats??

I had written this around 2 years ago and the same feelings have crept in again. Who says history doesn't repeat itself - It does - just that it's quite picky in what to repeat and what not.

"Life is not the same ever since I have moved away to NL. There have been ups and downs every next moment... one moment i feel the best in the world and the next moment i have surprises waiting to wake me up to reality and prove once more that i dont deserve to be happy for long...
Sometimes i feel i am too much a cribbing person..i always find a reason to cry over...don't know how much of it is true...

It pains to realise that I am all alone here now...have kind of walked too far from everyone...friends are no more within is far far away... all is left behind somewhere ... i have faint pictures of everyone....just memories to cherish and recall and cry over... somehow everything seems to be moving away... i feel left alone in the middle of a deserted island...witnessing everyone slowly moving spreading my arms for someone to come to hold me tight...

I feel as if I have no friends, no companions...

the moments of long chats, long talks, having lunch together, going out, having coffee together at barista, Nirulas, evening samosas, taking lifts back home with pals, looking forward to every new day to go and see each other ...are all history now...

History that has a rare chance of repetiting itself... :( esp in such cases. It almost makes sure it does not repeat.
I hate to be alone, i hate to be helpless, i hate to think about all the happy moments and not be able to do anything about it ... i hate it all !!!!!!! "