Thursday, October 9, 2008

I need. What do I need?

I saw this tag on couple of blogs and just felt interested in trying what I get...
So We are supposed to search in google for "[our name] needs" and see what the results are and write them here ... So Here i go.

Bharti needs it.
* Oh yes...i sure do need it. But what? Keep guessing!! :)

Bharti needs to be listed in South African market.
* Oh ya? Oops...

Bharti needs to generate predictable and sustainable positive free operating cash flows.
*Now that sounds like a jargon to me. Can anyone explain?

Bharti needs to do less of awareness marketing.

Bharti needs to take a look at her staff and these reviews if she is not to lose her reputation.
* Now that's a very important one. Noted.

Bharti needs more spectrum to ease pressure on growth.
* OOkayyyy...!!

Bharti needs to prove itself to maintain its leadership.
* Whewww!! What a doubt...I am no longer a human being...i am a thing (note "itself")

Fun..Isn't it? You sure get some insight. Now whosoever feels as insterested as I was giving it a try, please go ahead.


  1. Guess i could take the tag, but i already have 6 to do, log maar dalengey mujhko, those who have tagged.
    so i wont commit

    but i loved reading yours. it is innovative and interesting.

  2. this tag's really getting popular!
    dint work 4 me!!

  3. ditto as mampi... i have so many pending but as soon as i finish the pending ones will take it up

    loved reading urs

  4. u are tagged :) come over to my blog and check it out


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