Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday

So I have been reading the Wednesday prompts fron Preeti for last few wednesdays. And like once before i thought of picking it up again. Preeti's new book - The Secret Wishlist -  is out. And keeping in line with the topic there is a prompt every wednesday. And today is Last Final Wednesday prompt of the series.

Here is the writing prompt for today's  Wishlist Wednesday.

I wish I could be like_____________________ (name of person). This person is special because.............

I wish I could be like my dad. He is special in ways i cannot express in few words. His calmness, his dedication, his positive attitude towards everything, his determination, his love for gardgets, his health conscious attitude, his love for my mom :) and just everything about him is special...

There is a poem which i wrote long time back on father's day. Putting it here again..

He is always good and He is never bad
He does what he should and makes everyone glad
He never screams and never fights
He looks after us night after night

He is the guiding light
and shows the path which is right
He holds the hands
and always understands

Without him i would never be what i am today
he gave a strong foundation
which no one can take away

He is always there to listen and share
with his utmost warmth and care
He brings so much pleasure
and that i will always treasure

Today i admire and everything is clear
Those sentiments fill me each day of the year
And Today my dear dad i want you to know
your values and lessons will continue to grow.

I wish I could be like my sister. Young yet mature! Doing right things at right time, saying right things at right time. Successful yet down to earth. Strict yet utterly loving. Takes up challenges, continues and comes out with flying colors. Again I am short of words. I admire her and love her to bits. Not just because she is my sister but because of the kind of person and a personality she is.

Submitting this post for Preeti's Wishlist Wednesday

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

When I am ME

When I am ME..

Firstly What is ME time : (My idea of ME time)

1.    When you can do what you like
2.    When you are NOT loaded with stress of a zillion To-Do things
3.    When you can switch off your mind to all distractions (the unwelcome ones)
4.    When you can feel the silence within yourself even with noise all around
5.    When what you do is just for your own satisfaction
6.    When you do something which is not a routine (or can be a routine but it meets all the above criteria too)
7.    When you can be just yourself – not a wife, not a mother, not a daughter (men can replace that as per their gender J ) but just an individual
8.    When it unrelated to career, families, relationships, community and anything else
9.    When it’s a break – a break for sanity’s sake
10.  When its not about duties and responsibilities

Now – What can be done is very  time dependent.  It can depend on how much time we can spare for ourselves. It can vary from having a cup of coffee sitting in your fav chair or just outside on porch(if weather permits) to long brisk walk to a call to sibling or friend or mom (as it goes for many females) or a movie in a theater.

To me it’s important to have some time for myself especially at the end of the day.  A moment of no household work, no phones, no internet surfing, no talking – just plain silence. But then such a moment is a rare one to get.

Here are some of my favorite things to do whenever I can manage time off from the so called duties.
1.    Lying on couch doing nothing – just nothing
2.    Watching a movie on TV while sipping some tea and then lying with my fav blanket on
3.    Reading a book
That’s all I manage to do whenever I can…
That’s Me time. That’s my time to regain sanity.

I would love to go out to café and sit and read and sip coffee, I would like to go out to watch movies, I would like to take soak in a warm bath for hours, I would like to go out for walks with my little girl, I would like to go to library and browse through shelves and shelves of books and sit and read, I would like to go to the parlour and get a nice massage done.


Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Security or Freedom

PS: This post has been a work in progress for 2 weeks now. I am posting it as is. No further writing on this as I have already lost the thought process behind this.

You may be acting as if life is fine today, but you're probably worried that something isn't going your way. ….…………………… ………………………………………………………………………………. ……………………………………… …………………………  ………………………..
Instead of denying that you want more stability in your life, acknowledge that your desire for security is as important as your need for freedom. You might not be able to resolve these opposite forces now, but talking about them reduces your stress
This statement above put me into deep thinking mode this morning. Desire for security is as important as need for freedom. So Security is just a desire and freedom is a need. How aptly it fits with the current discussions going on in our country.  Women need freedom. Freedom to do what they like, freedom to go where they like, Freedom to go as they like, Freedom to do whenever they like. Whether they want a man, a pepper spray, some weapon or a rakhi  (as recently pointed out by some Godman) as security is something they can choose if they wish to….It should not be a NEED.

And then came another thought wave..pertaining to me personally. How often to I desire security – emotional security & financial security. There are days when I desperately crave for emotional security. I want people to love me and show me they love me. I want people to talk to me and show support. Its all a desire. A desire which at times becomes stronger than need. Emotional security is something we all strive for constantly. And even though most people shrug from the fact that they seek financial security too I would not hesitate to accept I desire financial security as much as I desire emotional. I cannot be at ease without any one of these. I need both.
But then my need for security has its roots in my need for freedom. (Ok as agreed and humbly accepted – I am a confused soul)
How apt were the above lines (for me)

Balancing – is what we all need to master.