Friday, December 28, 2012

My Wish - Day 28 Blogging Marathon

So I have been reading the Wednesday prompts fron Preeti for last 2 wednesdays. And this time i thought of pickingt it up too. Preeti's new book - The Secret Wishlist -  is out. And keeping in line with the topic there is a prompt every wednesday.

Here is the writing prompt for Wishlist Wednesday number 3.

The one thing that I wish everyone would learn is...............

How many people do we all know! And how many of them judge from the first meeting.

I wish the people would stop judging others. People have o clue about anything baout other person's life. They dont know their background, they dont know their present and they have no clue about there financial, emotional, phsychological situation yet they pass judgements.

I wish everyone would learn to take a step back and give each other space to live!!

I wish people learn to respect each other.

I wish everyone would learn to live and let live with respect and honour!

Submitting this post for Preeti's Wishlist Wednesday 3.

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  1. well thats what makes us human.. we all do it in some way or the other.. judging people..



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