Monday, December 31, 2012

Letter to myself

Dear Me,

Another year is getting over. 35 and going on 36. Wow!!
This year you saw lots of changes both in personal and professional sides.

The highlight of thd year 2012 was buying the house. Yes - Phew finallyyyy - as many reacted! You moved to the new house. A dream you have been nurturing for years. I know you love the new nest. But please hurry up a little bit for turning it into dream home too.
The whole packing, move, unpacking(which is ongoing) was something you hate. But then remember - no pain no gain!!

You distanced yourself from some so-called friends. It was very tough for you but You realised its wise to stay away from negativity. I know now you have barely anyone you can call a friend. Who said Life won't have any mean people in it. Thats the spice of it. Better no good friend than 10 double faced mean ones. Lets hope for lots of positive happy friendships in 2013.

I know your are not a very optimistic person as such but inspite of some good news this year you had your share of anger & frustrations. Please work a little bit on these. Enjoy little things of life. Your daughter DOESNOT deserve to be the one to bear the brunt. So tighten your seat belts and get working on it as you go on.. Focus on positives. A happy thought Goes a long way....

And while you are working on it can you please be bit more patient and calm. Your short temper is only adding to the pain.

And what happened to your reading Challenge. You did superb for first half of the year and nothing in second half. Now that you just got two awesome books as gifts from your Secret Santa, you better get started. You know you love it. Take time out and do what you like.

Lots of Craft work with little one. Wow that was impressive but why O why do you stop abruptly and take forever to start again. Such long holiday from
Crafting ... No no. Please start again. Its the best way to spend time with Prisha. This way you can crib little bit less about not spending enough time with her and feeling guilty. See its double win-win!!

After that shock you got while moving... Yes about how much stuff you collected - Whats the plan about that?!?!! Can you start with organizing the house bit quicker and discarding those extra clothes and some shoes and may be few of those 40 bags you counted while packing. I must say you did a good job discarding some extra kitchen stuff.

And what about your career? Only talking and no action is as useless as that bag whose zipper was broken which you thankfully threw away. Please take some action this year. Baby steps will be good too. Discover and nurture your passion.

Last but not the least - any chance you can shed some of those extra kilos?!? Its high time. I know you dont want to be a house of all diseases. So get started. A little bit each time... Slow and steady!! Please stop expecting results doesn't come overnight so it doesn't go overnight either.


That was an action packed year.

Gear up for new year. Nothing is lost till now. Its never too late to bring about changes. Good Luck!!

Yours always,


  1. You are still younger then me .. so chillax :)

    Happy new year to you and family and everyone around you :)

  2. I think you're being hard on yourself :). Add "don't demand too much of yourself" to that list, and may all your wishes come true in the new year.


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