Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cough sneeze but stay warm & dont freeze - Day 13 Blogging Marathon

And continuing from my previous post, the christmas party season has been kicked off. The Christmas dinner from the company where i work. After A cozy dinner, lots of chit chat, truck loads of dessert and drinks I am home. Coughing, sneezing, using packs and packs of tissue paper, I am in bed now. Yes caught the cold. A very bad one! (Ya ya as if cold is ever easy.. O I find it the most underestimated of illnesses.)

I can also blame my condition to the 45 min of waiing time - for the bus - this morning in sub-zero temp... Read -4 degrees.

So - well that apart- it was a fun evening. Looking forward to have some online retail therapy with the gift cheque. Perhaps that would make me feel better.

But for now i have other phone shakes terribly every time i sneeze and that's every 10 seconds and i end up typing some junk. By the time i delete that and start again... oofogdifkgoxhossyb... Ok this time i didn't delete :)

Calling it a day.. Err night or whatever..Now ...with this brief catch up.

Caio blog duniya!


  1. hah! get well soon, though it's more fun typing junk! happened to notice we share the same blog visual theme!

    1. Thanks Jane. And Welcome to my blog.
      And yes - how nice - we share the same blog theme :)
      I never noticed it before as i always read posts on my phone only and there we dont see the theme unless we use web version :)

  2. Take care of yourself.. and suddenly it has got so COLD here and I dread my night shifts because everything freezes.


    1. Thanks Bik. Ya it was freezing cold yesterday. I cannot imagine going out at night in such weather.

  3. Get well soon Bharti!!! Take care and have loads of fluids and rest :)


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