Monday, December 10, 2012

Love List - Day 10 Blogging Marathon

I was busy working this morning when some thoughts stuck me unawares. What is it that I love doing the most?!?!

I thought and thought and thought some more.

And its 10 hours since I am thinking.

In between - i worked. I took care of my ill baby. Ate. Drank. Cooked. Cleaned. Watched TV. Watched some youtube videos. And did some unpacking. (Do you know detangling a big box full of cloth hangers is the toughest task? - Well - now you know. I just told you. I spent 2 hours detangling around 100 odd hangers)

SO basically I went on with my life whole day but the thought remained in my mind. I kept my focus on the above question.

Eventually all my ideas were getting rejected and I was reaching to one conclusion only.

I Love doing nothing. YES - you heard..err... read it right. NOTHING!

Read carefully. I do not mean that i don't love doing anything. I said I love doing "nothing" Which means totally different from the former.

And don't get me wrong. I am not that lazy mom(does lazy and mom go together!?!?!?) who would sit on her bum whole day doing nothing (Ok to some extent i wont mind that at all)

So ya i love doing lots of things but what tops the list is "nothing" (Again i dont mean nothing tops the list I just mean "nothing" tops the list - it too confusing? Am I making any sense??)

So again - i would love to have a month when i do nothing - when  I "have" to do nothing. I do whatever the heart desires at that moment. It might be cooking, eating , shopping or it might even be cleaning the house. But it shouldn't be something I "have to" do. I basically should have a blank mind as far as the to-do list is concerned. I actually would love the time when there would be nothing to be done.

I am not sure how much sense all this is making - if etall.
I dont want to do things because they need to be done.

Ok I am lost in my own thoughts now. The tangled thoughts. I am sure I have confused you all enough now.
Let me try detangling my thoughts like those cloth hangers and hang them neatly next to each other.

I will be back!!



  1. I know I know what you mean!! :) I would also like to sit on my bum and do nothing. I mean I shouldn't "have to" do anything just "feel like" and "want to" do something :) I hope you got those hangers detangled!!

    1. Phew ! i am so relieved atleast this post made some sense and i have somone sharing my thoughts and feelings :)

      One box of The hangers is done. Next one would be touched next year ;)

  2. Yep..I know what that means. Nothing absolutely nothing is something impossible for me. :( I shall fiddle with the book/pencil if nothing else. I just cannot sit at one place in peace. But I do wish I was capable of doing such a thing.

    1. I get the drift. I am not sure i will also just sit doing "nothing" But i want that feeling of Nothing on the to do list.

  3. I can be perfectly happy doing nothing... not much of a chance of that nowadays.. but I savour them when I get them :).
    Thanks for sharing your interesting thoughts :) !


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