Monday, December 31, 2012

Past n future

Husband turned 40 and i turned 35 and Daughter turned 5(i like milestone kinda round figures)
Becoming masi again to a sweet little girl
A trip back home to India in April
Attended cousin's wddding in India
A short trip and visit to a dear friend in Frankfurt, Germany
A road trip to Strasbourg & Alsace region, France with friends
Workplace moved from Amstelveen to Utrecht increasing total commute time to min 4.5 each day
Buying a house
Moving to new house
A successful indian street food party for my daughter's birthday
No Diwali, Christmas & New year party. Kept and keeping it to just the three of us

Thats the year in nutshell.

Wishes for coming year:
A safe and respectful place for women esp in India
More travel around in Europe
An all-girls' holiday
My sister, brother and parents' visit here
A shift of career in right direction
More cashflow
A trip back home
A relaxed mind and a happy heart


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