Saturday, December 15, 2012

Theme Post - Story Writing - Day 15 blogging Marathon

I ran. Fast. Out of breath. 
Lungs bursting. 
Legs hitting the earth. 
I thudded up the path, 
around the corner, 
right up the stairs 
and reached the door.
I flung it open and .................

jumped off

Cold wind hit my face
I felt no pain
This was freedom
And there was no disgrace

There were no smiles
I left my sorrows behind
Detaching soul i was
And nothing around was mine

As I flew down and below
and saw the end close
desire for freedom grew
and my eyes started to glow

Thoughts sprouted in head
Bursting of them is what i dread
That load on shoulders that kept me down
I knew one day will push me & drown

O - memories start to dribble
and i trry to slowly nibble
Words are playing a random game
don’t know if its myself i can blame

The flight went on
Tears, happiness and tears of happiness
I started wondering
And life moved on by then


  1. Wow! A story transformed into poetry!
    This is fantastic...
    Loved reading it :)

  2. Nice one loved the way you've written these lines

  3. oh my..what a wonderful many lovely ideas floating around :-)

  4. Wow...Can always count on you to turn anything to poetry :)

  5. Seriously!! This is lovely. I could never even think of going to the poetry angle. Loved it Bharti!!

  6. Ok I know there are a lot of wows above me, but I have to say one too! WOW!!

  7. seriosuly! u guys managed to write such beautiful stuff!


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