Thursday, December 27, 2012

The tiny pleasures of the season - Day 27 Blogging Marathon

So as the whole world knows this is THE festive season going on all over the world. With Christmas fun just getting over, the whole world is gearing up to celebrate the start of a New Year. I too have been getting my share of cheer. Today I want to list down few things i love about this time of the year.

The Lights : I just absolutely LOVE the lights all around - on trees, streets, windows, plants, doors and pretty much everything. I cannot explain in words how much i love all this. I put lights all over the house, light up candles every evening.
The fragrant ones, the glitter ones, the log ones, the tea lights and all kinds...I love ALL kinds of beautiful tea light holders you get at this time of the year. I make sure I buy few every year.
(The pictures are really bad quality....Sorry for that)

The Desserts : YES - there is soooo much variety of desserts available in all stores at this time. Isles and Isles are loaded with ALL kinds of sweet treats ranging from cakes to icecreams to yoghurt desserts. Though I have tough time stopping myself from buying them yet i enjoy though my eyes and do grab a few every now  and then.
(Pic courtesy Google)

Music : All the Christmas songs, the carols, the classic music, the Jazz....ALL such music which is played everywhere at this time can make everyone smile for the rest of the year. Its such a pleasure to listen to lovely music being played at public places and households. So many concerts live on TV. Love it. (Pic courtesy Google)

Movies : I absolutely LOVE all the movies on TV esp in this Christmas week. Apart from the usual known to the whole world - there are some really nice and famous ones shown from that year itself. This year apart from usual Home Alone, and Santa based I enjoyed ALL Harry Potter  movies, the KungFu Pandas' and many others. I watched movies back to back. O What fun. I love this.

The Family Time : I am in live with the fact that everything thinks about families at this time. People go visit families, have dinners and lunches together, exchange gifts and just enjoy the time together. I love to have cosy dinner with my family on Christmas day. I wish I get to have a nice cosy dinner with my Whole family someday - parents and siblings - all.
(Pic Courtesy - google)

Greeting Cards : This should actually come at the top. I love sending and receiving cards esp on Christmas. Its such fun. I wish I could make some myself but didn't get the chance to do so considering most of our craft supplies are still lying packed in boxes. But still - sent the ready made ones and received many too.


  1. I was nodding to all of them ... music -family time- food -movies

    that desert looks so yummylisciousssssssssssss


    1. Ya Bikram...thats the charm of the season. May you also get to celebrate and enjoy the essence of the festivities!!

  2. Nice post. with ecards available at click of a mouse, i think people have forgotten the happiness of personally sending hand written card to the loved ones.

    1. Ya Biju, with everything electronically available, i feel the real charm of doing things with own hands has vanished and so have all the feelings behind that gesture.


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