Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Liberation - Day 4 Blogging Marathon

Am sitting in bus on my way to work. Its early morning. Fog and wintery calming charm outside. Bare trees lined up on both sides of road as if welcoming you with open arms. Serpentine traffic moving at a normal pace. Me - lost in thoughts and pondering.

Its few weeks since my phone + 3G subscription ended (and i have not renewed it as yet) And my thoughts today revolve around - How much our lives depend on all these gadgets and appliances these days. Infact they are The Life now.
My commute to work used to be 2hrs 15 min one way every single day. My iphone was my biggest support and companion for these 4.5 hrs i spent each day commuting. Life seemed to be incomplete without it. It almost became an addiction. That feeling of being connected to the world. That feeling of having any and every info on finger tips. Reading moved to devices. Entertainment meant youtube videos and fb. Free voip Calls brought closeness to family back home. It felt the best and the right thing to happen in life.

Until one day my subscription ended. We were in the middle of move so our internet connection and phone, TV connection at home had also ended. We were basically cutoff technologically.

Its been more than more than a week now that i travel without my so called companion. And thats when my brain started working more openly - if i can put it that way.

I look around. I observe. I ponder. I enjoy the surroundings and view enroute. I read newspaper. I think. I take a nap. Or I just do nothing. Its liberating. Its relaxing. Apart from limitation about having bus/train timings handy, i have not had any issues. I have found alternatives for missing info. I can memorise that much atleast.

I cannot believe how much i was missing out on life by being drowned into my iphone/ipad all the time.

I don't intent to get a new 3G subscription.

I am a free soul now.
I want to enjoy this.


  1. God Bless the free soul :) I stopped reading/browsing on the phone sometime back. Not only it helped my sore eyes, it also let me just take in what is going on in life.
    Loved the post

    1. Thank you so much Pallavi for sharing my thoughts. :)

  2. You are a stronger woman than I am ;)


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