Sunday, December 16, 2012

Boon or Bane? -Day 16 Blogging Marathon

Two of my very dear friends celebrated their birthdays today - both in completely different time zones than me. One in India and other in Canada and me in between in Europe. And the birthday wishes could be conveyed only through the social media like fb. How i hate that! I believe there is no feeling in bday wished on media like fb. It somehow sounds just obligatory. But guilty as i am - i used that same media to wish my dearest friends. I did want to call them but somehow that could not happen for reasons beyond explanation.

I thought that to a large extent this social media had brought the world closer. But now when i think deeper - perhaps it has brought more distances. It has made relationships feeling less. We are more "aware" about whats going on in everyone's life. And the "LIKE" is pressed at any and every pic or update posted there. But we actually make lesser efforts to talk to family & friends. A bday wish on fb is considered enough. Earlier you would pick up the phone and call the person to wish on their birthday and make them feel special. Even though you would call very few but it was worth it. You knew with whom you wanted to talk to. Now every far related person or even those whom you have met just once in life become friends on FB and write that customary "Happy Birthday" on each others' walls.

The feelings are dying a slow death. Every gesture has become a task. There is no time to attend & celebrate those special moments of each others' lives. Its all just an obligation now. What a cold world this has become.

On the contrary, this social media is the one which has made life easy. Sharing information, exchanging news, and being in touch no matter where in world one is. The whole world is on finger tips. An open platform for everyone. No caste, no creed, no color, no race. One for All.

So is it all a Boon or a Bane? I leave it undecided for now.

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  1. I think the biggest impact has been the lost art of letter-writing, which happened way back when e-mail started getting popular. Letters used to have a richness of detail and emotion that status updates and e-mails just cannot capture.


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