Friday, December 7, 2012


This is what comes up when one is not interested in conference calls. The creative side wakes up. The hands start creating masterpieces  :) Ahm ahm....... Ok ok - close to masterpieces :)

Hum bhi kalakaar hein  *wink wink*

Back to the seriousness of the business of posting ..
So whats the story here (Thats what we are supposed to do - right?) (We cant just post a pic and get done with the post? Isn't it so? Because if that is the case I cac do double marathon in one month considering how many pictures i take whole day. Thats like me side hobby-cum-timepass.)

Anyway - now that I have managed to make this post look like a long one (with you all shaking your head in disbelief) I can come to the point of writing.

This kind of scribbling could be seen on each notepad i had. I would keep making designs. I would keep writing my name in different ways and fonts. I loved anything designing. I found some starnge satisfaction in designing.

My love and passion for desigining gave me "weird" ideas about taking that up as a career (Didnt someone say one should pick up a career that one loves to do and is passionate about) Ya Ya - i believed that too. And - O Lord - I was done in one month. I resigned exactly one month after joining. I could no bear the fact of having limitations in something i love to do from my heart. I could not work with those deadlines and with those ideas forced upon me like a "free sewa". My mind could not produce any masterpieces. My mind refused to work under pressure of time, expectations and deadlines. I gave up!!

Ever since then I kept designing (digital or otherwise) as a hobby only. I enjoyed designing cards for freinds and family - who really appreciated my efforts.

But somehow in all these decades (did i say decades - oh no no - i mean couple of years but they surely feel like few decades) I gradually stopped doing anything creative like that.

Few days back while packing for the move - my husband came across a notpad where he saw one such scribbling done by me. And he immediately said - WOW How Nice is that! Beautiful!!
That brought back all in a flash. HOw much i used to love all this.

I think i will once again start doing some design work as hobby. One much keep the love alive and going...

Tell me - what is that one thing that you love doing the most?


  1. That is so artistic and pretty! You should follow your heart for sure, maybe do it as an entrepeneur and on a small scale to begin :) ?

    For me, my current passion in life has to be gardening, it brightens up my day :).

  2. This is beautiful.... I tend to sign my name a gazillion times when I am in a call or something. But I wish you continue this on a more serious level. Good Luck

  3. Wow! You call that scribbling. That is art man. Lovely!! For me these days it is photography and blogging :)

  4. beautifulllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  5. Thanks a lot everyone. What a motivating bunch of happy people you are. Thank you!


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