Friday, December 14, 2012

More paper towels please - Day 14 Blogging Marathon

Just a quick one for today....well like yesterday. (Lets blame flu for this)

The whole day today i had to work...thankfully from home only. But it was tough. Very tough. I kept collapsing in bed. Body felt without energy. Head kept bursting with pain. Nose kept flowing. Paper towels got utmost attention.

After 2 hours sleep in the afternoon i could gather myself to atleast cook some dinner. The comfort food was made...Yes Dal-Rice and some onion, paprika, tomatoes quick sabzi. It all tasted bland- to me. I could not taste anything at all. Seems like my taste buds are on holiday.

After popping in some medicines, we decided to do a quick round of the Christmas market nearby - all for my little girl's sake. She has been looking forward to it for days now. And she saw all kidsnmfrom the neighboohood going so we could not say "No". But guess what - there was not a single soul when we reached there. We found out that it was wrapped up too soon because of bad weather - rain + wind + cold.

I am back in bed ready to crash. Just want to start on the post for tomorrow. Havent even given it a single thought as yet.

I leave you to enjoy your weekend. Have fun.

Enjoy the song... I played it on loop today..
Love the lyrics but not the video. Wish it was shot differently.

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