Monday, December 31, 2012

Be Happy

Past n future

Husband turned 40 and i turned 35 and Daughter turned 5(i like milestone kinda round figures)
Becoming masi again to a sweet little girl
A trip back home to India in April
Attended cousin's wddding in India
A short trip and visit to a dear friend in Frankfurt, Germany
A road trip to Strasbourg & Alsace region, France with friends
Workplace moved from Amstelveen to Utrecht increasing total commute time to min 4.5 each day
Buying a house
Moving to new house
A successful indian street food party for my daughter's birthday
No Diwali, Christmas & New year party. Kept and keeping it to just the three of us

Thats the year in nutshell.

Wishes for coming year:
A safe and respectful place for women esp in India
More travel around in Europe
An all-girls' holiday
My sister, brother and parents' visit here
A shift of career in right direction
More cashflow
A trip back home
A relaxed mind and a happy heart


Letter to myself

Dear Me,

Another year is getting over. 35 and going on 36. Wow!!
This year you saw lots of changes both in personal and professional sides.

The highlight of thd year 2012 was buying the house. Yes - Phew finallyyyy - as many reacted! You moved to the new house. A dream you have been nurturing for years. I know you love the new nest. But please hurry up a little bit for turning it into dream home too.
The whole packing, move, unpacking(which is ongoing) was something you hate. But then remember - no pain no gain!!

You distanced yourself from some so-called friends. It was very tough for you but You realised its wise to stay away from negativity. I know now you have barely anyone you can call a friend. Who said Life won't have any mean people in it. Thats the spice of it. Better no good friend than 10 double faced mean ones. Lets hope for lots of positive happy friendships in 2013.

I know your are not a very optimistic person as such but inspite of some good news this year you had your share of anger & frustrations. Please work a little bit on these. Enjoy little things of life. Your daughter DOESNOT deserve to be the one to bear the brunt. So tighten your seat belts and get working on it as you go on.. Focus on positives. A happy thought Goes a long way....

And while you are working on it can you please be bit more patient and calm. Your short temper is only adding to the pain.

And what happened to your reading Challenge. You did superb for first half of the year and nothing in second half. Now that you just got two awesome books as gifts from your Secret Santa, you better get started. You know you love it. Take time out and do what you like.

Lots of Craft work with little one. Wow that was impressive but why O why do you stop abruptly and take forever to start again. Such long holiday from
Crafting ... No no. Please start again. Its the best way to spend time with Prisha. This way you can crib little bit less about not spending enough time with her and feeling guilty. See its double win-win!!

After that shock you got while moving... Yes about how much stuff you collected - Whats the plan about that?!?!! Can you start with organizing the house bit quicker and discarding those extra clothes and some shoes and may be few of those 40 bags you counted while packing. I must say you did a good job discarding some extra kitchen stuff.

And what about your career? Only talking and no action is as useless as that bag whose zipper was broken which you thankfully threw away. Please take some action this year. Baby steps will be good too. Discover and nurture your passion.

Last but not the least - any chance you can shed some of those extra kilos?!? Its high time. I know you dont want to be a house of all diseases. So get started. A little bit each time... Slow and steady!! Please stop expecting results doesn't come overnight so it doesn't go overnight either.


That was an action packed year.

Gear up for new year. Nothing is lost till now. Its never too late to bring about changes. Good Luck!!

Yours always,

Friday, December 28, 2012

My Wish - Day 28 Blogging Marathon

So I have been reading the Wednesday prompts fron Preeti for last 2 wednesdays. And this time i thought of pickingt it up too. Preeti's new book - The Secret Wishlist -  is out. And keeping in line with the topic there is a prompt every wednesday.

Here is the writing prompt for Wishlist Wednesday number 3.

The one thing that I wish everyone would learn is...............

How many people do we all know! And how many of them judge from the first meeting.

I wish the people would stop judging others. People have o clue about anything baout other person's life. They dont know their background, they dont know their present and they have no clue about there financial, emotional, phsychological situation yet they pass judgements.

I wish everyone would learn to take a step back and give each other space to live!!

I wish people learn to respect each other.

I wish everyone would learn to live and let live with respect and honour!

Submitting this post for Preeti's Wishlist Wednesday 3.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The tiny pleasures of the season - Day 27 Blogging Marathon

So as the whole world knows this is THE festive season going on all over the world. With Christmas fun just getting over, the whole world is gearing up to celebrate the start of a New Year. I too have been getting my share of cheer. Today I want to list down few things i love about this time of the year.

The Lights : I just absolutely LOVE the lights all around - on trees, streets, windows, plants, doors and pretty much everything. I cannot explain in words how much i love all this. I put lights all over the house, light up candles every evening.
The fragrant ones, the glitter ones, the log ones, the tea lights and all kinds...I love ALL kinds of beautiful tea light holders you get at this time of the year. I make sure I buy few every year.
(The pictures are really bad quality....Sorry for that)

The Desserts : YES - there is soooo much variety of desserts available in all stores at this time. Isles and Isles are loaded with ALL kinds of sweet treats ranging from cakes to icecreams to yoghurt desserts. Though I have tough time stopping myself from buying them yet i enjoy though my eyes and do grab a few every now  and then.
(Pic courtesy Google)

Music : All the Christmas songs, the carols, the classic music, the Jazz....ALL such music which is played everywhere at this time can make everyone smile for the rest of the year. Its such a pleasure to listen to lovely music being played at public places and households. So many concerts live on TV. Love it. (Pic courtesy Google)

Movies : I absolutely LOVE all the movies on TV esp in this Christmas week. Apart from the usual known to the whole world - there are some really nice and famous ones shown from that year itself. This year apart from usual Home Alone, and Santa based I enjoyed ALL Harry Potter  movies, the KungFu Pandas' and many others. I watched movies back to back. O What fun. I love this.

The Family Time : I am in live with the fact that everything thinks about families at this time. People go visit families, have dinners and lunches together, exchange gifts and just enjoy the time together. I love to have cosy dinner with my family on Christmas day. I wish I get to have a nice cosy dinner with my Whole family someday - parents and siblings - all.
(Pic Courtesy - google)

Greeting Cards : This should actually come at the top. I love sending and receiving cards esp on Christmas. Its such fun. I wish I could make some myself but didn't get the chance to do so considering most of our craft supplies are still lying packed in boxes. But still - sent the ready made ones and received many too.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Void - Day 26 Blogging Marathon

With this festive cheer all around I am bit extra sad today. (not that I am not a sad soul otherwise) (Just for record I am a Guru-Cribber - I crib ALL the time about every thing)

Now that you have the background of what to expect I come back to the point.

So YES i am sad - not just a tad bit but hugely sad.

I am missing my friends. A LOT.

Actually i can't call it missing. When i start thinking - i dont know who all to call as my friends. I know lots of people and have lots of aquantainces but i dont know how many of them I can call as my friends. Its a weird feeling i have been having for days. A void. A gap. I am missing having long conversations without any agenda in mind. I feel am missing out on all the little yet real pleasures of life. I feel am living too much of a mechanical life.

And worst of all is I don't know how to change it. I dont know what else to write. My mind is loaded with thoughts yet no words pouring out.

I stop here.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Dhol dhamaka Christmas

Merry Christmas and a happy happy new year dear dear blog duniya. Spread the love, be generous, smile a lot and live!!

Check out....
Jingle bells


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Stars - Day 23 Blogging Marathon

Starry nights
And days are Bright
Christmas cheer
A new year to steer

Bucket List Theme post - Day 22 Blogging Marathon

This week’s theme post in the December 2012 Marathon Blogging event was ~
Lets lay our hearts open, and talk about our "Bucket List", 10 things you want to do before you kick the bucket. It may be a plain and simple bucket list, or a contextual subset, 10 adventures you want to try, 10 foods you want to try, 10 holiday locations you dont want to miss, and the list goes on! Run your imaginations wild and entertain us all :) 10 is just a number, it will be easy for people to read and interact, else sky is the limit.

To think and write down abot my Bucket List was a real tough job for me. So  many things came to mind and then got rejected. More came more got rejected. I have been scratching my brain for last couple of days now. Too many things I want to do, too many dreams, too many desires and too many fears of not being able to do any of those.

Balti bhar sapne sajoye hein
Dil mein aarzoo dabaye hein
iss soch mein doobe dekho
Mann he mann hum muskurayein hein

So here goes My "Balti Bhar sapne"...

1. Click Click Click...My secret desire to become a photographer..I am slowly but steadly working towards that. Some day - One day...Yes I will.

2. Read Write Read Write Read Write - Yes exactly the way it sounds here...Want to read a lot and write a lot. Want to see my name in print someday. Be it in a magazine for an article or a book.

3. Swim - Learn to swim. I have gotten over the fear of getting drowned. :) *Pat on the back for that*

4. Drive -  Yes as embarassing as it sounds the truth is I can't drive. I have no clue Why. I dont know if its some hidden fear or what. But i have to get over whatever it is. One day I will drive.

5. Go one a girls' only vacation

6. Take care of health - My own. I completely ignore anything about it as yet.

7. Go on a vacation alone.

8. Dance and perform on stage :) 

9. Have an exbition of anything done by me - be it paintings, or photographs or other artwork in any form.

10. Become my child's best friend :)

SO - there it's out now....the true close to heart desires and wishes...!!
Wish me Luck!!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Favourite - Day 20 blogging Marathon

A picture post for today...My favourite. Love piping hot mug of coffee topped with whipped cream and a chocolate cake to go with. A treat for soul, for heart, for lips.
Its a lethal combo - once on lips - forever on hips!!

Soch - Day 19 Blogging Marathon

Ik tasveer banayi thi
Rangon ka khel sajaya tha
Kuch gulabi angoor
Kuch neele haathi

Ik sapna yun sanjoya tha
Teeli ka ped(tree) banaya tha
Kuch neele patte
Kuch kaale phool

Ik din duniya ne dekh liye
Sab sapnon ko jhanjor diya
Rangon mein tha heir fair
Yun keh ke dil ko taud diya

Yeh dil to bhola bhala hai
Na samazh saka Na bol saka
Kyun hote sapne alag alag
Kyun rangon mein hera pheri hai

Nanha se dil mein soch nahin
Ab woh sab kuch hee bhool gaya
Sapnon kee duniya kya hoti hai
Tasveerein saari toot gayi

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A day of rememberance

In memory of all the innocent victims who lost their lives on Friday’s shooting rampage at Connecticut, I am observing Silence today. So no writing.
May God rest their souls in peace.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Catching up - Day 17 Blogging Marathon

The tree is up
The house is decked
Lights are on
And the smiles are spread

Shopping to be done
Gifts yet to buy
Cards to be sent
And menu yet to plan

Thats in shory the current status of the festive galore. Sickness doing rounds in the house for last 10 days has delayed everything. But we are catching up slowly. The mood is being set. Lots of twinkling stars are brightening up the atmosphere.

I am still bedridden. Tired of lying down. But getting up slowly.
Dont want to miss out too much on the cheer.

Dear Santee - i will be sending your package soon. The Reindeer was bit down. :)

Much love.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Boon or Bane? -Day 16 Blogging Marathon

Two of my very dear friends celebrated their birthdays today - both in completely different time zones than me. One in India and other in Canada and me in between in Europe. And the birthday wishes could be conveyed only through the social media like fb. How i hate that! I believe there is no feeling in bday wished on media like fb. It somehow sounds just obligatory. But guilty as i am - i used that same media to wish my dearest friends. I did want to call them but somehow that could not happen for reasons beyond explanation.

I thought that to a large extent this social media had brought the world closer. But now when i think deeper - perhaps it has brought more distances. It has made relationships feeling less. We are more "aware" about whats going on in everyone's life. And the "LIKE" is pressed at any and every pic or update posted there. But we actually make lesser efforts to talk to family & friends. A bday wish on fb is considered enough. Earlier you would pick up the phone and call the person to wish on their birthday and make them feel special. Even though you would call very few but it was worth it. You knew with whom you wanted to talk to. Now every far related person or even those whom you have met just once in life become friends on FB and write that customary "Happy Birthday" on each others' walls.

The feelings are dying a slow death. Every gesture has become a task. There is no time to attend & celebrate those special moments of each others' lives. Its all just an obligation now. What a cold world this has become.

On the contrary, this social media is the one which has made life easy. Sharing information, exchanging news, and being in touch no matter where in world one is. The whole world is on finger tips. An open platform for everyone. No caste, no creed, no color, no race. One for All.

So is it all a Boon or a Bane? I leave it undecided for now.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Theme Post - Story Writing - Day 15 blogging Marathon

I ran. Fast. Out of breath. 
Lungs bursting. 
Legs hitting the earth. 
I thudded up the path, 
around the corner, 
right up the stairs 
and reached the door.
I flung it open and .................

jumped off

Cold wind hit my face
I felt no pain
This was freedom
And there was no disgrace

There were no smiles
I left my sorrows behind
Detaching soul i was
And nothing around was mine

As I flew down and below
and saw the end close
desire for freedom grew
and my eyes started to glow

Thoughts sprouted in head
Bursting of them is what i dread
That load on shoulders that kept me down
I knew one day will push me & drown

O - memories start to dribble
and i trry to slowly nibble
Words are playing a random game
don’t know if its myself i can blame

The flight went on
Tears, happiness and tears of happiness
I started wondering
And life moved on by then

Friday, December 14, 2012

More paper towels please - Day 14 Blogging Marathon

Just a quick one for today....well like yesterday. (Lets blame flu for this)

The whole day today i had to work...thankfully from home only. But it was tough. Very tough. I kept collapsing in bed. Body felt without energy. Head kept bursting with pain. Nose kept flowing. Paper towels got utmost attention.

After 2 hours sleep in the afternoon i could gather myself to atleast cook some dinner. The comfort food was made...Yes Dal-Rice and some onion, paprika, tomatoes quick sabzi. It all tasted bland- to me. I could not taste anything at all. Seems like my taste buds are on holiday.

After popping in some medicines, we decided to do a quick round of the Christmas market nearby - all for my little girl's sake. She has been looking forward to it for days now. And she saw all kidsnmfrom the neighboohood going so we could not say "No". But guess what - there was not a single soul when we reached there. We found out that it was wrapped up too soon because of bad weather - rain + wind + cold.

I am back in bed ready to crash. Just want to start on the post for tomorrow. Havent even given it a single thought as yet.

I leave you to enjoy your weekend. Have fun.

Enjoy the song... I played it on loop today..
Love the lyrics but not the video. Wish it was shot differently.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cough sneeze but stay warm & dont freeze - Day 13 Blogging Marathon

And continuing from my previous post, the christmas party season has been kicked off. The Christmas dinner from the company where i work. After A cozy dinner, lots of chit chat, truck loads of dessert and drinks I am home. Coughing, sneezing, using packs and packs of tissue paper, I am in bed now. Yes caught the cold. A very bad one! (Ya ya as if cold is ever easy.. O I find it the most underestimated of illnesses.)

I can also blame my condition to the 45 min of waiing time - for the bus - this morning in sub-zero temp... Read -4 degrees.

So - well that apart- it was a fun evening. Looking forward to have some online retail therapy with the gift cheque. Perhaps that would make me feel better.

But for now i have other phone shakes terribly every time i sneeze and that's every 10 seconds and i end up typing some junk. By the time i delete that and start again... oofogdifkgoxhossyb... Ok this time i didn't delete :)

Calling it a day.. Err night or whatever..Now ...with this brief catch up.

Caio blog duniya!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cheer and smiles - Day 12 Blogging Marathon

Its such a festive mood all around here. This is the only time when its bright and cheerful all around. Lights, decked up christmas trees, big bows, huge bells and shining christmas balls everywhere. Every window is a view straight from fairy tale.

Every morning when i walk to the busstop i see behind those blinking lights and starry lamps are happy cozy families having breakfast together. It fills my heart with warmth and i smile. I see that beautiful tree-top that has been put with pride and happiness. Its a magical feeling. Kids are preparing wish lists to be sent to Santa. The countdown to the most beautiful day is going on in every household.

Snowfall last week raised hopes of a white Christmas which is a dream of every heart young and old. Its chilly, cold, freezing yet it does not bother as the air is filled with giggles and glitter.

Supermarkets are loaded with those extra special range of all things edinle. I look forward to super market trips at this time. (Not at all to the account statement at the end of the month though) But its fun. Its happiness. It smiles.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Yahan-wahan - Day 11 Blogging Marathon

Hum to iss pal hein yahan
Na jane hogein kal kahan
Subah kee dhundh mein sabhi
Kho jayengay sapne yahan

Tumhe dekh ke dil ne kaha
Chupa lun tumhe abhi yahan
Ya chor dun khuli waadiyon mein
Laut aane ko phir se yahan

Tham see gayi saans yun
Iss khayal se kee tum kahan
Khuli aankh se kuch yun dikhe
Kabhi tum nahin kabhi tum yahan

Yun dard se aankhen namm hue~in
Kuch gire yahan kuch chalke wahan
Yeh aas le kar jee chale
Sapne bhi honge sach yahan!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Love List - Day 10 Blogging Marathon

I was busy working this morning when some thoughts stuck me unawares. What is it that I love doing the most?!?!

I thought and thought and thought some more.

And its 10 hours since I am thinking.

In between - i worked. I took care of my ill baby. Ate. Drank. Cooked. Cleaned. Watched TV. Watched some youtube videos. And did some unpacking. (Do you know detangling a big box full of cloth hangers is the toughest task? - Well - now you know. I just told you. I spent 2 hours detangling around 100 odd hangers)

SO basically I went on with my life whole day but the thought remained in my mind. I kept my focus on the above question.

Eventually all my ideas were getting rejected and I was reaching to one conclusion only.

I Love doing nothing. YES - you heard..err... read it right. NOTHING!

Read carefully. I do not mean that i don't love doing anything. I said I love doing "nothing" Which means totally different from the former.

And don't get me wrong. I am not that lazy mom(does lazy and mom go together!?!?!?) who would sit on her bum whole day doing nothing (Ok to some extent i wont mind that at all)

So ya i love doing lots of things but what tops the list is "nothing" (Again i dont mean nothing tops the list I just mean "nothing" tops the list - it too confusing? Am I making any sense??)

So again - i would love to have a month when i do nothing - when  I "have" to do nothing. I do whatever the heart desires at that moment. It might be cooking, eating , shopping or it might even be cleaning the house. But it shouldn't be something I "have to" do. I basically should have a blank mind as far as the to-do list is concerned. I actually would love the time when there would be nothing to be done.

I am not sure how much sense all this is making - if etall.
I dont want to do things because they need to be done.

Ok I am lost in my own thoughts now. The tangled thoughts. I am sure I have confused you all enough now.
Let me try detangling my thoughts like those cloth hangers and hang them neatly next to each other.

I will be back!!


Sunday, December 9, 2012

All i want for Christmas - Day 9 Blogging Marathon

Two weeks since we moved to this house. Unpacking and arranging of one million things is going on ... On a slow pace. I was hoping we would clear up the living room this weekend so we can put up the Christmas tree. But Alas!
I am hoping next weekend.

Meanwhile lot of heavy lifting had been done. Moved some heavy boxes and stacked them up as per category. *pat on the back for that*
Yes when hubby refused to do anymore of such work my woman power woke up and i came into avtion and did it all. I just wish this power wakes up more often. If i could continue with that speed, there would be no boxes left - in packed form that is. Phew! I am desperately in need of a magic wand. Hopefully Santa would be flying over this house at this moment and will grant my wish in a blink. Or atleast leave his helpers here for few days. Thats all i want for Christmas this year. A happy clean home. :)

Ok lemme go check out if any flying "gaadi" can be spotted :)

Day 8 - Blogging Marathon

My last two posts were based on the nostalgia topic. So basically Blast feom the past. And whole of saturday i kept thinking about what to write. Obviously i could not think of any. I knowlingly skipped to post anything. I didnt feel like posting anything else.

So this is just a filler and reason..err excuse for Day 8

Please return to read Day 9 post.

Friday, December 7, 2012


This is what comes up when one is not interested in conference calls. The creative side wakes up. The hands start creating masterpieces  :) Ahm ahm....... Ok ok - close to masterpieces :)

Hum bhi kalakaar hein  *wink wink*

Back to the seriousness of the business of posting ..
So whats the story here (Thats what we are supposed to do - right?) (We cant just post a pic and get done with the post? Isn't it so? Because if that is the case I cac do double marathon in one month considering how many pictures i take whole day. Thats like me side hobby-cum-timepass.)

Anyway - now that I have managed to make this post look like a long one (with you all shaking your head in disbelief) I can come to the point of writing.

This kind of scribbling could be seen on each notepad i had. I would keep making designs. I would keep writing my name in different ways and fonts. I loved anything designing. I found some starnge satisfaction in designing.

My love and passion for desigining gave me "weird" ideas about taking that up as a career (Didnt someone say one should pick up a career that one loves to do and is passionate about) Ya Ya - i believed that too. And - O Lord - I was done in one month. I resigned exactly one month after joining. I could no bear the fact of having limitations in something i love to do from my heart. I could not work with those deadlines and with those ideas forced upon me like a "free sewa". My mind could not produce any masterpieces. My mind refused to work under pressure of time, expectations and deadlines. I gave up!!

Ever since then I kept designing (digital or otherwise) as a hobby only. I enjoyed designing cards for freinds and family - who really appreciated my efforts.

But somehow in all these decades (did i say decades - oh no no - i mean couple of years but they surely feel like few decades) I gradually stopped doing anything creative like that.

Few days back while packing for the move - my husband came across a notpad where he saw one such scribbling done by me. And he immediately said - WOW How Nice is that! Beautiful!!
That brought back all in a flash. HOw much i used to love all this.

I think i will once again start doing some design work as hobby. One much keep the love alive and going...

Tell me - what is that one thing that you love doing the most?

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Ik choti see kahani.. - Day 6 Blogging Marathon

Gayarah saalon kee kahani
kuch lafzon mein sunani
yeh kaise mein kahun
yeh kaise mein sunaun

yeh jo hai kahani
kisi aur ne na jani
kuch aansoon
kuch muskanein
bas iss dil ne jo pehchane

chalengay saath saath
kaise thi yeh kasam
kahan hota hai aisa 
zindagi ke hein aise kadam

thora gussa, thora pyar
roothna manana
yeh aise hai kahani
jisne har din hai lubhana

Kuch pal kee narazgi
Kuch pal ka dhuaan
kabhi hasi ke fuwaare
kabhi palkon se tufaan

Aage ka safar bhi lage suhana
Kabhi barf se thandi
kabhi dhoop see garmi
Yuh hee badlengay mausam

Likhengay Kahani
banayengay itihaas..
phir koshish karengay
ik kahani sunana....
Laut ke aana tum ae mehmaan
phir yaad karengay yeh din yeh pal
sunaengay tumko kisse purane
woh kasme nibhana woh khishiyan manana....


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Waqt guzar hee jata hai - Day 5 Blogging Marathon

Guzarti jayegi yun dinon din mein yeh zindagi
Kat-tey jayengay pal hee pal mein yeh raaste
Manzilon ka kya sochna
Raahon mein mil hee jayengay woh sab apne

Guzar hee jata hai yaadon mein khoye har bhaari pal
Subah bhi roshni mein thora yun muskurati hai
Shaam ka kya sochna
Sapnon kee duniya mein raat bhi beet jati hai

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Liberation - Day 4 Blogging Marathon

Am sitting in bus on my way to work. Its early morning. Fog and wintery calming charm outside. Bare trees lined up on both sides of road as if welcoming you with open arms. Serpentine traffic moving at a normal pace. Me - lost in thoughts and pondering.

Its few weeks since my phone + 3G subscription ended (and i have not renewed it as yet) And my thoughts today revolve around - How much our lives depend on all these gadgets and appliances these days. Infact they are The Life now.
My commute to work used to be 2hrs 15 min one way every single day. My iphone was my biggest support and companion for these 4.5 hrs i spent each day commuting. Life seemed to be incomplete without it. It almost became an addiction. That feeling of being connected to the world. That feeling of having any and every info on finger tips. Reading moved to devices. Entertainment meant youtube videos and fb. Free voip Calls brought closeness to family back home. It felt the best and the right thing to happen in life.

Until one day my subscription ended. We were in the middle of move so our internet connection and phone, TV connection at home had also ended. We were basically cutoff technologically.

Its been more than more than a week now that i travel without my so called companion. And thats when my brain started working more openly - if i can put it that way.

I look around. I observe. I ponder. I enjoy the surroundings and view enroute. I read newspaper. I think. I take a nap. Or I just do nothing. Its liberating. Its relaxing. Apart from limitation about having bus/train timings handy, i have not had any issues. I have found alternatives for missing info. I can memorise that much atleast.

I cannot believe how much i was missing out on life by being drowned into my iphone/ipad all the time.

I don't intent to get a new 3G subscription.

I am a free soul now.
I want to enjoy this.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Moving to dreams - Day 3 Blogging Marathon

Who on earth came up with the idea that people should move to other house in their lifetime. And not only move - but pack up all bag and baggage ( which btw includes 100s of boxes besides bags where i lost track of the count somewhere midway) My idea would be to live in the same house till-death-do-us-apart kind of scene. But well Human mind had another plans.

So Yes Why O Why and Who O Who?!?!!

Why cant houses come ready with every single thing in there. So any new inhabitant would have to move only with clothes and shoes and bags and makeup and......OMG (i will have to give it a new thought)

Ok coming back to the point. One should not be required to carry hundred million things while changing houses. Its been more than a month we are busy moving to our new nest and we are half way through only. So we have somehow managed to dump-aka-move the entire load to the new house (which looks more like a godown now) The second half of the movie is still left. YES the even bigger task of unpacking and arranging.

In the one week that we have been here so far- i have spent fair amount of each morning in the mammoth treasure hunt ... Haha sure - its called Socks-Hunt. And the rest of it in another hunt and if it was not afternoon by then when i would give up all this search and start new adventure in the kitchen- I would be somewhere behind those boxes or digging in some bag. ( Oh did i mention i also had to be at work each day full time)

I have no clue how the house is ever going to shape up as i had been dreaming. I am just sticking to baby steps or rather crawling ... Wait ..i guess even babies can crawl faster than the speed i am able to manage this house which i dream to call My Home Sweet Home someday!!

But am sure I will get there. Yes i will! It will be slow but i will make my dream come true. I will grow up to take bigger and faster steps :)

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Intezaar - Day 2 Blogging Marathon

PS: i had posted this last night but my phone died right at that moment and i only hoped it got posted. But alas! It wasn't. So posting it now again. Next post will be for Day 3..Thanks!!


Kiya intezaar tere aane ka
Din gine pal kaate
Saanson ko roka
Aansun bhi ponchay

Chaaron aur sab bhikhra dekh ke
Mann ne aanhein bhareen
Sir bhi baar baar chakraya
Bhaari mann ghabraya

Namm aankhein thi
Par aakhir kat hee gaya waqt
Dil muskaya aur aankhein khil uthin
Aakhir intezaar tha jiska
Woh din "itwaar" ka aaya :)

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