Monday, June 24, 2013


First ray in the morning
and the heart melted away
Memories woke up too 
and together we swayed

The rhythm of the nature
played by drops of rain
The story formed on the window 
takes you on another train

The magic of the drops
Mesmerises and delights
The sound of that magic
Is that a sprite?

That gentle rain falling
washes away the rage
those droplets on the forehead
Turn you into sage

The music of emotions
Fills the reservoir of heart
How wonderful - i thought
Now i need not cry alone


© 2013 Life Begins. Please DO NOT COPY.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Kismat connections

We meet so many people in our lives. Starting from neighbours, cousins, school, college, work, internet.....and keep meeting new ones every single day. There is that unsaid connection one feels with some and the opposite with others. There are some people we don't meet often....or rather meet rarely....and not even talk on phone ever but we still feel some connection, Some comfort.

I have had the honor of having such connection with some happy people i met in the virtual world. We never talk on phone. We rarely meet each other - average would be maximum once a year and that too in some get together or party where we don't actually get to sit and chat much. The only dialogue exchange happens on chats. And that too not that regular. But the connection and comfort is beyond words. A ping from the person brings smiles. Topics can be, food or just general life. There does not seem to be any need for obligations or complaints. If we chat - great - and if we don't even then its equally fine. Its a simple friendship. And this gives the maximum satisfaction in life. No need to impress, no strings attached, no blame game - Nothing. just plain and simple chit chat.

And then there are people who would not stop blaming you for not calling or for not being in touch. Who would never bother to ask you how you are doing yet will be the first ones to blame you for the same. Whose mere presence makes one uncomfortable. Why do we need such relations in life when the only outcome is stress and worry.

I am thankful for those people in my life who make living a wonderful experience and add to the faith of humanity. I am also thankful to others who make my belief in humanity stronger because i can compare and understand what "bad" can be and appreciate the "good" even more.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Memories of a much awaited visit

Last 3 weeks were such fun-filled & busy days that i will have those memories etched in my mind for the rest of my life. 

For the first time, my sister visited us along with her husband & 2 lovely little girls. It was a visit i have been looking forward to for as long as i can remember. 

A trip to Paris & Disney land, long drives, chit-chat & gossip sessions, midnight drinks & talks, touristic rounds, shopping, laughing at stupid jokes, eating to heart's desire, taking each others' pictures, the planned photoshoot - it was a goody bag of 3 weeks. We had so much fun. 

All of us had our own kind of company. Husbands, we sisters, and kiddy sisters. 
The youngest one of the lot was the queen. 
(We are missing her the most)

Time flew super fast. But partings mean we can start looking forward to the next meet. 

I love you my dearest little sister. And i miss you! 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Project Write!

Today I am starting my own version of blogging marathon. It includes breaks. Yea - breaks as I would decide  *wink wink* Did you just say "that's not new"?

Ok Rules (for myself)

 1. Write. (hah ...surprise!) Ok so write every second day. or third may be. Or shall i make it weekends only. already confused. Ok so "Write" is the rule!

2. Write

3. Write

4. Write

5. Write

Follow the rules above!

Write any rubbish. Write about any nonsense. But write.
Write about your day. Write about your life. Write about that nasty colleague. Just write.
Write about flowers. Write about those tiny things you see on the way. Write about food. Write .
Write about yourself. Write about that new dress. Write about old shoes. Go write.
Write about neighbours. Write about blog friends. Rant about Fb friends. Write write & write.
Write about everyone else. Write and complain. Write and cry. Write and crib. Write.

And if I follow the topics like this...i am set to write till eternity.

Only - If I follow the Rule No.1

Wish me luck!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where was i?

When was the last time i wrote here ?!? Very very long ago - indeed! Thought if penning down storm of words but in vain.  Life has been in a strange roller coaster ride for as long as i can think. Saying - "i was very busy" is a misnomer. 

No doubting the fact that the To-Do list was a very long one but there was something beyond that which kept me aloof. I stopped writing. I stopped reading. I stopped being in touch. I stated away. Yet life moved on. As they say - nothing stops. I could convincingly use the reason of settling in new house & converting it into home. "Our home" !

I tried to take up different challenges- be it in blog world or photography or projects at home. I admit  i failed. I could not keep up with any. Missing desires. 

I kept my focus at home. 

I know i have upset quite a few of my dear friends for not keeping in touch. But it didnt matter at all in last few months. I feel i was living as a cocoon. 

Was i living a fake life? Was i pretending? Was i just being normal human being? I dont know what it was. And i am still not sure i am out of it. 

One thing is sure - i wasn't unhappy. I am grateful for each & every smile in my life.