Monday, June 17, 2013

Project Write!

Today I am starting my own version of blogging marathon. It includes breaks. Yea - breaks as I would decide  *wink wink* Did you just say "that's not new"?

Ok Rules (for myself)

 1. Write. (hah ...surprise!) Ok so write every second day. or third may be. Or shall i make it weekends only. already confused. Ok so "Write" is the rule!

2. Write

3. Write

4. Write

5. Write

Follow the rules above!

Write any rubbish. Write about any nonsense. But write.
Write about your day. Write about your life. Write about that nasty colleague. Just write.
Write about flowers. Write about those tiny things you see on the way. Write about food. Write .
Write about yourself. Write about that new dress. Write about old shoes. Go write.
Write about neighbours. Write about blog friends. Rant about Fb friends. Write write & write.
Write about everyone else. Write and complain. Write and cry. Write and crib. Write.

And if I follow the topics like this...i am set to write till eternity.

Only - If I follow the Rule No.1

Wish me luck!

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