Sunday, June 16, 2013

Where was i?

When was the last time i wrote here ?!? Very very long ago - indeed! Thought if penning down storm of words but in vain.  Life has been in a strange roller coaster ride for as long as i can think. Saying - "i was very busy" is a misnomer. 

No doubting the fact that the To-Do list was a very long one but there was something beyond that which kept me aloof. I stopped writing. I stopped reading. I stopped being in touch. I stated away. Yet life moved on. As they say - nothing stops. I could convincingly use the reason of settling in new house & converting it into home. "Our home" !

I tried to take up different challenges- be it in blog world or photography or projects at home. I admit  i failed. I could not keep up with any. Missing desires. 

I kept my focus at home. 

I know i have upset quite a few of my dear friends for not keeping in touch. But it didnt matter at all in last few months. I feel i was living as a cocoon. 

Was i living a fake life? Was i pretending? Was i just being normal human being? I dont know what it was. And i am still not sure i am out of it. 

One thing is sure - i wasn't unhappy. I am grateful for each & every smile in my life. 


  1. :) Keep smiling! And show us pics of the home :)

    1. Thanks Swarm. Atleast someone is still keeping the hope and coming here to read. Thanks!!

      And yes that gives me an idea for another post. Pics...will be coming soon!


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