Friday, September 30, 2011

Stree Shakti | VAW Awareness Month October 2011

For October, a group of bloggers and friends are planning a powerful initiative, taking the topic of Violence Against Women. They are aware of the fact that the subject on violence against woman is very wide and includes multiple aspects. To ensure that this awareness campaign is effective, they have limited the scope to the following aspects...

1. Domestic violence – Physical violence against the woman by husband/partner and other family members
2. Violence against girl child including deprivation
3. Sexual violence – including marital rape, date rape
4. Emotional/psychological abuse
5. Dowry related violence including Bride Burning
6. Female Infanticide
7. Acid attacks

So - COME. JOIN IN and SUPPORT the cause. It's for YOU, ME and every other female around the world.

This is a week of celebrations in India. Ofcourse Indians all over the world are celebrating too. This is the Celebration of the Goddess - the power of womenhood - stree shakti! The power that can nurture a heart and fight a demon. Such is the power of a woman. The fearlessness and patience a woman can show is beyond  measure.

Lets get together, celebrate these 9 days and pay our tributes to all those women who - inspite of all odds and being victims of violence - stood up and fought for getting the smiles in their lives. Lets salute each on of them! Lets salute their courage!