Friday, April 23, 2010

I am my world

Strange world
Even stranger is the tale

And then mind thought
‘m also
a part of this game

I am my world
I am my own strange world

Face smiled
Heart accepted

And here in this heart
Resides my world

This heart made the tale
The Tale with smiles
The Tale with tears
The Tale which goes on
The Tale which is coaxing us all
And this is the Tale …
making this world…

Friday, April 16, 2010

Journey goes on...

Train went on…
Distances covered…
Destinations reached…
People came
People left
I kept waiting for my destination
And then I heard the announcement
“This is the final destination, please get down here.”

But my destination was not there

I got down and took another train
Train went on…
Distances covered…
Destinations reached…
And I kept moving on along with it
In search of
A destination.
And the journey is still going on…

Please do not copy. Ask before using it.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Zindagi mein itna kuch hoga

Socha na tha

Sochti kaise

Tab zindagi hee na thi

Pal, din, mahine, saal karke

Zindagi chalti gayi

Aansoon, khushi aur kabhi khushi ke aansoon

Maine sochna shuru kiya

Tab tak zindagi aur aage nikal gayi.


Here is the translation - which i loved even more than the hindi version...

Life will have so much

I never knew

How would I have known

I didn’t have life then

Moment, day, month, year

Life went on and on

Tears, happiness and tears of happiness

I started wondering

And life moved on by then

Please do not copy. Ask before using it.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trying a come-back :)

Its been rteally long since i wrote anything anywhere except for the code i have to write every single day.

So i thought let me atleast make a come back post to begin with and announce my return to blogosphere :)

No doubt its spring which induced in me the feeling to do more than just daily routine work. Isn't it amazing how much weather affects our mood. It has been beautiful and sunny for few days now and its so uplifting for the soul. Though i just cannot call it warm as of now. Its pretty windy and cold. Temperatures are moving around lowest double digits. But am not complaining at all - as long asi t's sunny and beautiful to look at - i am loving it :)
Here is as best as i could describe it :)

Colors all around
flowers that surround
sun over the head
winds that i dread

yet so serene
peaceful and clean
so refreshing for soul
filling some gap some hole