Monday, July 30, 2012

7-Days to Self-Improvement - DAY 3

Just so you know that i have not given up on my 7-days challenge. I just thought its not something i can achieve in just 7 days so...i need to spread those 7 days over 7 weeks.
So here is Day 3.

7-Days to Self-Improvement
Want to know what it is" Check out here!

Laugh and Smile : Who doesn't agree with laughing and smiling being most the important ingredient in life. As i have read and seen - a smile can go a long way and also keep one going whatever the situation. Somehow people who choose to laugh and smile are able to handle tough situation in life happlily too and that makes it less tougher actually. i have myself noticed the difference....How fretting and worrying endlessly only adds to worries. But sad soul that I am most of the times - i still fret and worry nonstop. Ok so  the transition needs to be from the fretting to smiling. I know I can do this. i just need some self-cheering :)


DAY 1 : Anger Management 
DAY 2 : Homemaker tasks

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Racap and Reality Check

So my post post of the year was about Top 5 To -Do list for this year.

We are half year through and i just wanted to do some reality check on the status.

So here we go...

Status :100% On track
Mood Meter : Happy
Though i started very late on this but have managed read many books in  last 3 months.

Status : 100% On track
Mood Meter : Very Happy
I have done quite a few actitvities this year wth my little girl. Lost of art and craft and what not. Check out

Status : 50% there
Mood Meter : Satisfied
I did use my Nikon DSLR quite a lot this year. But my main photography has been using my iphone and i must say if you really enjoy clicking then iphone can be VERY good too. Check out

Status  : 25%
Mood Status : Okish, Not worrying
 I love poetry and i love to scribble my htoughts in poetry too. but for me poetry comes from within. You cannot push yourself into writing some ALL the time. You need mood and thoughts and urge...and then words start flowing on their own. Have not written much this year but id ont mind that. It will come when the thoughts are there. Check out

Status : no comments
Mood Meter : BADDDD

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Repeated Reminder for self

Anger Management
Anger Management
Anger Management
Anger Management
Anger Management
Anger Management

I need to keep reminding this to myself over and over again. 
I  almost need a non-stop playe in my ears repeating "control control your anger"
*Yes I am THAT bad*
I do need to remind myself.

Its not that I get angry at everyone and everything. But I do loose my temper pretty soon. I am way too short-tempered esp for my family. Its terribly sad that they have to bear the brunt of my temper. :(

I am letting it out all here to give myself a harder blow to do something about it.

Perhaps it will hit me harder this way.

I will keep reminding mysefl till the day someone points out a change in me in that aspect.


Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Read it online while general surfing and its on mind ever since.
What a thought!


Thodi-Thodi Sanso K Liye,
Humne Zindagi Bechi,
Parchhaiyon Se Tang Aa K,
Humne Roshni Bechi,
Aankho Mein Bas Aansu Hi Reh Gaye,
Varna Duniawalon Ne To Dosti Bhi Bechi…

- Amrit Raj Chouhan


7-Days to Self-Improvement - DAY 2

7-Days to Self-Improvement
Want to know what it is" Check out here!


Homemaker tasks : This is another part which needs special attention. Need to do a lot of work around the house - normal usual everyday work which i keep ignoring or postponing or just not doing well. Reasons being anything ranging from laziness to tiredness to lack of time to every other possible reason you can think of. *Oh i am suddenly drowing under the huge load of guilt*

So Target for this week : Iron that moutain high pile of clothes lying on the couch in the bedroom *Yes its that bad*


DAY 1 : Anger Management

Monday, July 23, 2012

7-Days to Self-Improvement - DAY 1

We all have a particular bahavioural pattern. We all have habits. And we all have ways of dealing with and reacting to situations. All through our lives we stick to the idea of proving we are doing the right thing. How we behave is the right way and should not be crticized. (i would somehow not believe it if someone says they accept criticism for their behaviour very openly and change as per the feedback) Though we might accept the critism openly - we usually do not implement the change easily.

But one thing is for sure - if we get a reaction repeatedly for our bahaviour or some habit, sooner or later we would be unconciously forced to think about making a change. And ofcourse I am not an exception to that.

This morning I had this sudden brainwave and I got the brilliant idea of doing something for myself. Ofcourse anyone else wanting to do the same and joining me is more than welcome. I want to bring about changes to certain aspects of my behaviour because - how so ever right and correct i think my habits might be - the truth is they are not taken positively by people around me. And some of the people around me matter a lot more than sticking on to my way of dealing and reacting. So I have decided to pen down one thing everyday for coming 7 days and try to improve or change it.

7-Days to Self-Improvement


ANGER MANAGEMENT : I need to work on this on urgent basis. This was one of the resolutions for th year too. Did good for few months in th beginnning and worse than ever now. It needs control on URGENT and IMPORTANT basis now. (Yes i am repeating that to myself to let it sink in)
I make a promise to myself that for coming 7 days i will NOT get angry at my daughter and husband for whetever the reason. No reason is big enough to do so. Whether the sky falls or earth sinks - i will NOT scream or get angry.

PS: If you would like to join me in this - feel free to use the image as a badge. I just created it myself to keep it all peppy and jolly in the process of self improvement.
And pls leave a message if you are joining me on this journey.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Connections on the way

It was few days back when I was reading the book -Tuesdays with Morrie by