Monday, July 30, 2012

7-Days to Self-Improvement - DAY 3

Just so you know that i have not given up on my 7-days challenge. I just thought its not something i can achieve in just 7 days so...i need to spread those 7 days over 7 weeks.
So here is Day 3.

7-Days to Self-Improvement
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Laugh and Smile : Who doesn't agree with laughing and smiling being most the important ingredient in life. As i have read and seen - a smile can go a long way and also keep one going whatever the situation. Somehow people who choose to laugh and smile are able to handle tough situation in life happlily too and that makes it less tougher actually. i have myself noticed the difference....How fretting and worrying endlessly only adds to worries. But sad soul that I am most of the times - i still fret and worry nonstop. Ok so  the transition needs to be from the fretting to smiling. I know I can do this. i just need some self-cheering :)


DAY 1 : Anger Management 
DAY 2 : Homemaker tasks


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