Thursday, July 26, 2012

Racap and Reality Check

So my post post of the year was about Top 5 To -Do list for this year.

We are half year through and i just wanted to do some reality check on the status.

So here we go...

Status :100% On track
Mood Meter : Happy
Though i started very late on this but have managed read many books in  last 3 months.

Status : 100% On track
Mood Meter : Very Happy
I have done quite a few actitvities this year wth my little girl. Lost of art and craft and what not. Check out

Status : 50% there
Mood Meter : Satisfied
I did use my Nikon DSLR quite a lot this year. But my main photography has been using my iphone and i must say if you really enjoy clicking then iphone can be VERY good too. Check out

Status  : 25%
Mood Status : Okish, Not worrying
 I love poetry and i love to scribble my htoughts in poetry too. but for me poetry comes from within. You cannot push yourself into writing some ALL the time. You need mood and thoughts and urge...and then words start flowing on their own. Have not written much this year but id ont mind that. It will come when the thoughts are there. Check out

Status : no comments
Mood Meter : BADDDD


  1. well good on all . and I am sure you will be good in the last part tooo .. all the best and we still have 5 months to go :)


    1. Thanks Bik. Yes as you are aware from my last few posts, I am keeping my full focus on last one.

  2. Wow! Happy with 2 and satisfied with 1 is so good!
    Even just writing does not come to me at anytime .. its only when I really feel like writing .. so I cn totally understand what u r saying there :)

    1. Yes Swaram - I am overall satisfied with the progress so far. It felt good to do a reality check and get positive results. the past few months have not been that bad after-all :) :)


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