Monday, July 23, 2012

7-Days to Self-Improvement - DAY 1

We all have a particular bahavioural pattern. We all have habits. And we all have ways of dealing with and reacting to situations. All through our lives we stick to the idea of proving we are doing the right thing. How we behave is the right way and should not be crticized. (i would somehow not believe it if someone says they accept criticism for their behaviour very openly and change as per the feedback) Though we might accept the critism openly - we usually do not implement the change easily.

But one thing is for sure - if we get a reaction repeatedly for our bahaviour or some habit, sooner or later we would be unconciously forced to think about making a change. And ofcourse I am not an exception to that.

This morning I had this sudden brainwave and I got the brilliant idea of doing something for myself. Ofcourse anyone else wanting to do the same and joining me is more than welcome. I want to bring about changes to certain aspects of my behaviour because - how so ever right and correct i think my habits might be - the truth is they are not taken positively by people around me. And some of the people around me matter a lot more than sticking on to my way of dealing and reacting. So I have decided to pen down one thing everyday for coming 7 days and try to improve or change it.

7-Days to Self-Improvement


ANGER MANAGEMENT : I need to work on this on urgent basis. This was one of the resolutions for th year too. Did good for few months in th beginnning and worse than ever now. It needs control on URGENT and IMPORTANT basis now. (Yes i am repeating that to myself to let it sink in)
I make a promise to myself that for coming 7 days i will NOT get angry at my daughter and husband for whetever the reason. No reason is big enough to do so. Whether the sky falls or earth sinks - i will NOT scream or get angry.

PS: If you would like to join me in this - feel free to use the image as a badge. I just created it myself to keep it all peppy and jolly in the process of self improvement.
And pls leave a message if you are joining me on this journey.


  1. Oh this is nice. Gud luck :)

  2. Good luck! Sounds like a great idea. I think my Day 1 would be 'Don't worry so much' :)

    1. Thanks Simmy. Welcome to my blog and All the best! :)


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