Wednesday, August 8, 2012

7-Days to Self-Improvement - DAY 4

7-Days to Self-Improvement

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Renewing Friendships : Writing 10 Emails : It's been long time since i connected to any of my dear friends. I do miss them every single day. I miss phone calls and long talking sessions. I don't even remember when was the last time i spoke to a friend - speaking as in heart-to-heart talk Not a quick How-Are-You 10 min phone call. 

I kept trying to call or email friends for quite sometime after i moved here. But gave up after a while when i felt i am not getting any response. 

And hence I totally Disagree with the statement "Distance Does not matter" 
It Does It Does ! 

Now without any further blaming and complaining, I am going to take charge of the situation and reconnect to friends.

I will send a personal email to 5 friends by the end of this month.

I will do my bit and hope the long lost friendships are renewed for good.

I miss you dear friends and I so want to get back in touch and share each smile and tear like we always did.

EDITED TO ADD: I just thought it would be nice to add the names of persons I want to send email to. Here it goes...

Saurabh G

*UPDATE* : i didn't write emails to ALL friends. It felt odd to email to friends with whom i talk/chat every now and then. I wrote to 4 and got response from 2. The other 2 just ignored or are still waiting to reply :)

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  1. All the very best. That is going to be so nice :) :)

    1. Yes Swaram. I am excited about this. And I already started first step by calling a friend after 10.5 years.
      And it was an AWESOME feeling.

  2. Proud to make the list :). Have already received your comment on the latest post, it was nice to read.


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