Thursday, August 9, 2012

Laughing crying and doing crazy things

Yes that was what I am sure each one of us remembers when we think of those friendships from school and college times.

It was pure bliss....laugh your heart out....cry like never before and do such crazy things that even your mind cannot get a second chance to think what you are upto.
Such was the purity of things we did in those blissful days.


O I long to laugh out loud
And cry my heart out
But those lips dont curve in right direction
and those eyes have just given up

O I long to talk and talk and talk
And heartily scream and shout
But those words dont come out any more
and that heart does not dare

O I long to sit and listen to you
And nod with smiles bursting out
But these ears have forgotten peaceful conversations
and this head is lost in emptiness


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  1. well i hope and wish you get to do what you long for soooon



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