Thursday, August 23, 2012

The ”Just Married, Please Excuse” Contest

After reading such funny and amusing incidents from Post Marriage days from blog-wallon starting with ~nm today (Thanks to Yashodhara and the hanging carrot...err the prize)- the memories became afresh in this sleepy brain too. And i got lost in another world....smiling, at-time grinning too...and other times bit taken aback by the fact that it all happened almost 11 years ago. PHEW...wait...while i sigh! SIGH! back..

So after spending enough time laughing at everyone's embarrasment, I felt guilty for not giving others the chance to laugh much ;) ;) Also, why not try my luck at the book atleast as the other carrot - err the lunch is something which will have to wait atleast an year and am not sure Y and the group can wait that long for me.(Just in case you are lost - am atleast an year away from my next visit to India)

Back to the point...

It was third day after i got married. And it was my husband's cousin's wedding day. My MIL and FIL had already gone to the city where the wedding was which is about 1.5 hrs away. We newly married couple along with my husband's elder brother's family had to go there that evening.

Right at 2PM It was declared by SIL that we will be leaving by 6PM much for the understanding that the "newly married" would require LOTS of time to get ready. I took it in my favour and after 20000 discussions with my SIL, "WE" Aka "SHE" decided which sari would be apt for me to wear for the wedding as it was to be my first visit to the whole big extended Inlaws' side family. I was to wear my best and look my best. So no points for guessing the heaviest Gold Kanjivaram was selected. (Did I manage to showoff enough-yet-subtly that I own one such gorgeous sari? Ya? Ya? OK. Thanks)

The selecttion was done and SIL went away to get ready herself. Also in the meanwhile many guests were arriving in the household obviously to congratulate, bless, see etc etc the newly-married. With many rounds with wide smiles and feet touching, I could manage to start getting ready by 3PM.

As the room where I was to get ready was still full of stuff (read gifts, baskets, boxes, suitcases and what not) I had truckload full of challenges.

Here I must clarify that I already knew the sari tying very well. I had no worries about getting ready. My challenges were different. Here is the looooooooong list...

  • I could not wear shoes (high heels) to that room as it had the puja corner there too.
  • I could not locate my makeup box between the piled up stuff(refer above ^^)
  • No mirror in the room - small or full length
  • The selected sari's petticot(under skirt) was the only one which didn't have the tying string in (i don't know how to explain that - i am assuming you all got it)
  • After finding the string, the challenge was to find the thing used to put it in. (Again i dont know what that is called)  I managed to find a pen and used it instead to accomplish that task :)

Anyway I managed the last two successfully. But i still had to tie the sari without heels on and no mirror. I somehow got on the business of tying the sari. First attempt - was hanging from one side bride breathe...
Second attempt - Bigger Disaster....

Are you "" & "" with me as yet ? OK

So after like 5-6 attempts...I finally managed to say "I am ready to go"

Did I mention that in all the numerous attempts in sari wearing no other human being offered to help me (If by any chance you didn't get that -  I am clearly pointing to hubby dear and SIL) And did I mention by that time I had been asked one million times if I was ready and why was I taking that long. Also I had the buckets full of tears which had done enough damage already not by just dehydrating me but also spoiling my makeup.

After all odds - I was ready to go by 6 PM (Proud newly married bahu)

As if the Sari Saga had not been long enough already - after just 10 min from being away from home....the string from my pettocot went ----- Taaaaaaak......-----YES you guessed it right. It broke. As i had used a make shift thin string i could manage to find in between all the mess and also tied it extremely tight as the sari somehow kept slipping - I guess I had taken it to its limit and it gave up. Another bucket full of tears!!

No carrots for guessing that we had to go back home, find another string, do tying again, listen to non-stop "something" from SIL and answer many phone calls from MIL asking our whereabouts and get back in car. By the time we were back on road we were already 1.5 hours delayed. But then we are proud Indians.....we love being fashionably (in its real sense this time) late.


Yashodhara - I must add I am very very curious to read your book. If I don't win, I will order it as soon as possible. All the Best!!

People Go check out the contest. Am sure you will have many stories to share.

 The ''Just Married, Please Excuse'' Contest


  1. LOL sounds fun to read today but I can surely imagine what you would have gone through then :P
    Gud luck for the contest :)

    1. Oh Ya tell me about it Swaram - I almost cursed the whole getting marriage "drama" we have to go through in life :)
      And yups- Thanks a lot!

  2. Hahaha...this was tooo funny LB!! Way too funny! I wonder what would I've done in your situation :P

    1. LOL I can imagine pain, anger, embarrassment and all other emotions stirring at that time..Glad you managed it well..

    2. Oh ya ~nm I also find it funny now but at that time I wished the earth would break open and i could hide there forever.

    3. Thanks Sia. Yes Indeed there was a sea of emotions.
      And yes - WELCOME to my blog.

  3. Lol that was funny :) You know every time I wear a saree, I am scared of this very situation though yours is the first time I am hearing it actually happened :)
    Good luck for the contest :)

    1. Oh you bet...i never imnagined that somethign like that can ever happen...I was shocked to death to go through that. I felt i was the unluckiest one and couldn't get over that shock for years after that. I still have a slight doubt about that happening again every time i wear sari.

  4. He he he he :) I enjoyed the above episode , funny ..

    ok so now tell us what all you did at the venue , did you eat enough for i know the newly weds dont get to eat too much he he he


    1. haha Bikram...we are a different kind of couple...we focus on food no matter what :D So we mamaged to eat to our heart's desire once we were there :)

      Food on our own wedding is something that deserves another post in itself. Lemme do that soon.

  5. Thank you for participating...I can so relate to Sari Sagas :)

    1. Thanks Yashodhara! I am quite excited to read the book :)


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